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10 More Thoughts On Kansas State

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1. Kansas State is boring and I think they like it that way. Outside of the Lockett kick return they did absolutely nothing to entertain me outside of showing the crazy guy in the stands wearing the Klein jersey with American flags sticking out of his sunglasses (it’s 8 PM, bro). That’s their M.O. though and it might just get them to the national title game.

2. OSU brass must have suggested Windows 8 as a sponsor for this game because all I wanted to do all game was hit control-alt-delete.

3. Anybody know why Brent was so obsessed with showing off the Kansas State crowd? I mean I know they’re great but he was setting them up like they were the ’92 Dream Team of crowds. “Listen guys, listen to this…” [crowd cheers] Oh, it sounds like a Saturday night college football crowd…cool.

4. In 27 years of punt return fan angst there’s one thought that never crossed my mind: “let’s put another guy back there to try and simplify things, that will totally make me feel better.”

5. I wrote on Saturday that the defense was terrific. That might have been a little bit strong but I still think they did an outstanding job of batting down balls at the line, forcing Klein to the outside, and taking care of business. Consider Kansas State’s 13 drives: Punt | TD | FG | TD | Punt | Punt | Half | TD | Punt | FG | FG | Missed FG | Half. K-State came in averaging over four points a drive and OSU held them to 2.3.

6. As I was watching the Heisman trophy commercial — the one with Bob Griffin trimming the hedges — all I could think was “where do I bet all my money Mark Ingram doesn’t drive a Nissan?”

7. How scary is Joe Randle and Arthur Brown on the same high school track relay team?

8. If you had “Desmond Roland will return a kick before Justin Gilbert this year” in your office pool, congratulations.

9. One last great line from Brent: “Tyler Lockett of the famous Lockett family scored a touchdown!” Are they the Kennedys of the midwest or did I miss something here?

10. One play that got way understated was the second pick of Lunt where Zimmerman and Chapman both came down with it on the sidelines. Zimmerman had possession until Chapman fell out of bounds and they somehow awarded it to Chapman even though he never had the ball in bounds!

Would it have made a difference in the outcome? Probably not, but it was a patricularly odd call nonetheless. Of course Brent and Herbs thought they gave it to Zimmerman. Actually they probably thought the refs gave it to Barkevious Mingo then just randomly picked somebody on the KSU roster to call out.

All in all a rough weekend for OSU but back at it this week with crazy Dana’s return to Stillwater and I could not be more excited.

  • Q

    the ’92 dream team of crowds comment was classic and right on point

    • CowboyKS

      That KState crowd was brutal. Loudest game I have ever attended. The Barney impersonators never shut up. Ears are still ringing. Ostate turnout was pretty dismal. Overall great time, great purple tailgaters, top shelf fans.


    10) that was the quickest review ever for a somewhat crazy play. It didn’t look like either had possession while completely inbounds.

  • Nate

    Couldn’t agree more with how boring K State is. I honestly think they’re the most “gimmicky” team out there. I was seriously getting pissed watching them wait and stare at the sidelines for 45 seconds before running a qb dive for two yards. Take that crap to the big ten.

    Bottom line though, that’s the way they have to play to win because let’s face it they’re not that talented. I’ll root for K state if they get to the title, but there’s no way you can convince me that’s a top two team.

    • CowboyKS

      It works….

  • Austin

    Still not convinced about the OSU’s defense being praiseworthy. Note that

    1) when a team is leading, they play more conservatively. I’m sure that if OSU were leading, that k-state would have tried much harder to score points (and probably would have succeeded).
    2) k-state has been a second-half team this season, and klein was out for much of the second half.

  • ajlilley

    7. So I might speaking out of turn, but I have a friend who played ball and ran track against both of them, and they went to to separate high schools. I believe Arthur and Bryce Brown both went to Wichita East, and Randle went to Southeast or vise versa. My friend played football and ran track for Derby.

    • ajlilley

      I just looked to up to confirm. I was correct. Both Arthur and Bryce graduated from Wichita East. Randle came from Southeast.

      • Kyle Porter

        Apologies. I grabbed it from the broadcast which, given the rest of my comments about it, should have clued me in to the fact that it wasn’t true…

        • ajlilley

          No need to apologize. I just thought it was funny because every time Brent mentioned it, my friend flipped out. According to him, competing against all of them “sucked real bad”.

  • BBinKC

    Are you guys saying that KSU does not pass the eye test?

    • OSUaggie

      I don’t think so BB, just a lot different from OSU style….KSU has a great team this year, and I just hope that Snyder let’s them generate the current-buzz-word-of-broadcasting “Style points” so Oregon or ND can’t whine their way into the NC game….