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McGruder hit another three while you were driving to work today.


“Everything was one-on-one.” Is Helsley cutting and pasting quotes from the last four years? (NewsOK)

Matt Norlander with some great stuff here on what to expect from the Big 12. (CBS Sports)

Some pretty good thoughts here from Whetsell on a bevy of OSU-related things. (CRFF)

Robbi Pickeral on the emergence of Markel Brown. (ESPN)

Look, I love this team but there’s not much in sports that pisses me off more than Ford saying “we are a very young team.” (NewsOK)

Eamonn Brennan on the race for second in the Big 12 between Oklahoma State and Kansas State. (ESPN)

Rodney McGruder forgot to visit with the media on Saturday. (The Dagger)

I honestly thought Brooklyn Pope was a made up name. (ESPN)

Ford basically admits Le’Bryan can’t create on his own. How is this possible? Also, Mason Cox looks like an alien in this photo. (NewsOK)

It didn’t hurt OSU on Saturday — actually, if anything, it helped — but Morris is right, the officiating in college hoops really sucks. (Rivals)

Ford agrees with me (or is it the other way around?): “Kansas State is very good.” (Tulsa World)

Why OSU is a dark-horse national title contender. (ESPN Insider)

Incredible stat from Slater here. OSU is 1-17 in Big 12 road games since 2010. 1-17! (NewsOK)


Great piece here from Gina on new faces for the 2013 season. Center must be alliterative! (NewsOK)

The cupboard might be a bit bare in 2013. (CBS Sports)

Where are we at if you’re dropping $35 for a commemorative OSU bowl newspaper page? (Tulsa World)

Recruit switches to O-State from Georgia. (ESPN)

Well that was an easy decision. (Tulsa World)

Upcoming dates you need to know about. J15 – Joe Randle decleration day, F6 – signing day, M4 – beginning of spring ball. (Rivals)

OSU getting something they need: a defensive end. (Tulsa World)

Doug Meacham gets the UH offensive coordinator job. Good on him. (NewsOK)

Justin Blackmon makes Mel Kiper’s all-rookie team. (ESPN Insider)


Best college baseball coach under 40? Yup. (via Daniel and Cassidy Roach) (Baseball America)

So amazing. (Kottke)

20 wishes for the USMNT, solid. (Grantland)

“Life’s too short not to do something you’re thoroughly passionate about.”

If you want to know what I’m about…

  • foxhoundadam

    I feel like Ford has been saying we are a “young team” every year.

  • @mfc_crff

    Your opening line stopped me in my tracks.

  • G-Block

    I don’t remember hearing John Calipari too often lamenting his “young team” the last couple of years.

    • Chance

      Agree. College basketball is a young sport, with so many one-and-done players.

  • Chance

    Blackmon really started turning it around about midway through the year, and maybe the QB switch had something to do with that. Then again, I wonder if expectations are too high for rookies nowadays, based on the success of rookie receives like DeSean Jackson, Calvin Johnson, etc… There used to be a good rule to follow in fantasy football – never draft a rookie receiver, but that’s seemed to go out the door recently.

  • Clint Davison (@IDPokefan)

    Not really anything poignant to say…just this killed me, “Center must be alliterative!”
    Thanks Kyle!

  • Robert

    Ford and Leornard Hamilton = good recruiters for OSU, but can’t coach worth a flip!