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Doug Gottlieb Says This Year Is ‘Just a Fraction’ of What Oklahoma State Can Be



Doug Gottlieb joined Carson Cunningham on Sunday to talk about the Oklahoma State job, and it was tremendous. I’m having trouble stifling my excitement right now.

Gottlieb noted that Underwood was offered more money last year by UNLV and St. Louis but so badly wanted to coach at Oklahoma State that he took less.

“To leave over money when more money was offered (the year before at UNLV and St. Louis) after one year … is stunning,” said Gottlieb.

As for why he should be considered as the next coach in Stillwater?

“I’ve been around basketball my whole life,” said Gottlieb. “I think maybe now more than ever Oklahoma State needs somebody they can count on. We use the words ‘loyal and true,’ and in a time of need for loyalty I think it goes without saying I would plan on staying as long as they would have me.

“I’d be remiss if I said I don’t want it just because I want there.  I don’t want it just because I’m a personality and a big name, but I think it helps. I think there are some other things basketball-wise I could bring to the table. And help continue the evolution of Oklahoma State basketball. This is just a fraction of what that program can be.

“I’m not the perfect candidate … but I do believe I’m the best possible candidate. I do so knowing I have the best intentions at heart. This is not for money. This is not for fame. This is not for glory. This is for my university and the program and those kids.”

Watch it all.

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