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Notebook: Oklahoma State-Kansas



I posted my 10 thoughts on the Oklahoma State-Kansas game earlier, but I wanted to empty the notebook before heading into Homecoming week. All the stuff I was thinking during OSU’s 44-20 W over KU.

• I thought the unis were fine. Nothing to get crazy about. None of it really flowed that well together, but I’m always a fan of the gray pants. Might be time to retire the Gargantuan Chrome Pete helmet.

• Jalen McCleskey gets my Uni Heisman for the game. The socks. The number. The towel. The fresh kicks. Awesome.


• I liked the way OSU started the game. Run, run, run. You’re better than Kansas. You’re more talented them (or you should be). Show them what that looks like early. Run the same three plays over and over and pop ’em with something good for a TD. OSU didn’t complete the first drive, but I still liked the mindset.

• Nothing to do with our game, but this crushed me.

• Good crowd, Kansas. There will be more people inside Phog Allen for the OSU basketball game than there were at this game today. Has to be more KU fans in Phog Allen than at football games on a regular basis. Not paid attendance but actual attendance.

• Early on it felt like Kansas had to string together, like, 25 play drives. Then later on Montrell Cozart actually did this in some form or fashion. Astonishing.

• Matt did a good tweet.

• Justice Hill catching check-downs is my sweet and savory place.

• How about this?

And this.

• This was a tremendous tweet.

• This run was awesome. Everything Justice Hill does is awesome.

• If not for the weird brick pattern, KU’s unis would have rocked. I have a soft spot for off-color, slightly yellow pants like they wore. I thought they looked tremendous.

• At one point in the game I wrote this sentence: Why does it seem like KU has better athletes than us?

• This is actually a great idea. I never want to play KU before noon in Lawrence ever again.

• OSU’s longest kickoff return on the season is 26 yards?! Did I hear that right? Long live Perrish Cox.


• We somehow have an overwhelming defensive line now which matters over the course of a game. You can sort of say, “well, they’re going to take over lesser teams at some point, and that’s going to be a problem for those lesser teams,” and it usually works.

• Whooooo boy.

• Austin Hays threw into double coverage on Saturday.

• He has lost control!

• I was looking forward to the PB and honey sandwich I was eating at halftime more than I was looking forward to the second half. Then we got The Blizzard and an onslaught of Tommy Frazier comparisons, and all was well.

• We’re the best team in the country … at blocking kicks.


• This is not a position you want to keep putting yourself in.


• Here are Montrell Cozart’s career best games. He was 24/40 for 250 yards a TD and two picks on Saturday.


• Why is Jalen McCleskey in throwing a flip pass to James Washington?

• I greatly enjoyed the long marching drive in the middle of the fourth quarter that started on OSU’s four-yard-line. It went nearly 90 yards, and even though it only ended in a field goal, it essentially ended the game.

• The Blizzard!

• Glenn Spencer’s reaction to all those laterals was terrific.

• It’s a rarity to get Piesman love on a non-TD, but Oklahoma State got it on Saturday.


• I got Oil Baron time on Saturday. Any Saturday when I get Oil Baron time is a good Saturday.

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