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Notebook: Oklahoma State-Texas



Here’s my notebook with some lingering thoughts from the Oklahoma State-Texas in the Saturday brunch matchup in Stillwater. You can read the 10 thoughts here.

  • Oklahoma State came out with a fire under their tushies. Texas, coming off a bye week, elected to defer, then proceeded to let OSU march down the field with what I’ve been told is a “running game.”
  • Rudolph is looking light on his feet. He has hit the “B” button early more than Justice Hill. When he’s elusive in the pocket, he’s tough to handle as a defense.
  • Guarantee I just woke the neighbors up watching this in real time. Maybe the whole block. Vincent Taylor needs to run our 96-wheeler package!

  • THREE blocked extra points for OSU. Texas is controlling both offensive and defensive lines of scrimmage, but that special teams line! Future pro-bowl special teams kick blocker!

  • I’m all for Mason Rudolph getting out in space and sliding to avoid pressure, but if you feel the need to run QB1 at the goal line into two NFL linebackers, I’m not sure I understand why. Maybe speaks to the desperate nature of OSU’s poor running offense in the red zone.
  • Game note: Two OSU linebackers are dinged up in the first half. Jordan Burton goes to the locker room with injury with ~3:00 left in first half, and Devante Averette tweaked an ankle. Kirk Tucker getting some extra play as well as Calvin Bundage getting some run at STAR linebacker is great, but not in this scenario.
  • The 18-wheeler package for Texas is #strong. The J-Dub package worked for OSU, but Tyrone Swoopes is a whole different type of physical. Swoopes has 3 TD’s in the first half with zero pass attempts… You know what’s coming, Glenn!
  • Defense: Super optional in the first half. A recap:

  • Big 12 refs on point today. Charlie tried to decline a penalty that would have given OSU a first down (an oversight by Charlie), and the refs quick to point out that it was a mistake. “The refs giving Charlie a helping hand here,” says the announcer. What? What? What?
  • Rennie Childs, Barry J., and Jeff Carr all have their moments at times. But there’s no doubt Justice Hill is the real deal. The explosion through holes, the vision, the elusiveness. Everything he does is just a step ahead of the pack. We need more Justice Hills.
  • James Washington is best when you think he’s down. A lot of his highlight plays come after dudes have him wrapped and he just wiggles away like he just lathered vaseline down his leg.


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