• Jheri Curl

    Gray pants are fine but the tops and esp the helmets blow! If you’re gonna go w/ a gray helmet just upgrade to silver.

  • klucas45

    I thought the gray was sharp at kansas this year. Gray pants, White tops, gray helmet with white OSU sticker and white facemask.


  • http://www.facebook.com/lisagoesshopping Lisa Rainwater Baker

    The gray is boring….why even have it when we have so many other options available with the black and orange

  • Julie

    As long as it has ORANGE with it! Plus some of the first gray we had was so drab it looked like some kind of practice uniform. Very dull!! BUT we are ORANGE & BLACK! #ORANGEPOWER

  • http://twitter.com/JamesonReynolds Jameson Reynolds (@JamesonReynolds)

    I would be totally ok if we brought back that exact uniform and wore it at some point next year. that would be sick.

  • http://www.ostatesports.com verb

    Credit where it’s due–this isn’t from any “folks,” it’s the work of the inimitable casdas and his amazing collection of OSU documents and memorabilia!

    • http://pistolsfiringblog.com Kyle Porter

      No idea who that is but thanks to casdas.

      • Chad

        it’s from our Rivals board. I can only assume they “borrowed” it from casdas.

  • Jpokes

    Where are they at and who are they playing? It looks like a scrimmage!

  • http://www.ostatesports.com verb

    casdas is the user name of a great OSU fan named Doug who has a huge collection of old OSU artifacts. From time to time, he shares some of his photos on the various OSU message boards (including OP, RIvals and others). He’s also great about identifying former players in other people’s photos and helping people track down information about and photographs of former OSU athletes and coaches.

  • aaron snith

    I froze at the game. Now i just got a rumor from some PAC12 fanatics I know. FLASH OSU Cowboys have been selected as they Big 12 host team for the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Big 12 officials made the decision on the provision that OSU would not host if not bowl qualified or selected for the National Playoffs. An unnamed source, wearing red, stated that it was for the good of the conference so that good teams could go to good bowls. An another unnamed source wearing dirty orange said it would allow a second tier team to plan for their bowl and to get a large crowd to attend. Besides he continued OSU would be happy playing inthe Cotton Bowl stadium with its history.

    Please tell me these guys are smoking funny pipes or something. I may not sleep after this information.