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Play At End of Oklahoma State-CMU Game Should Never Have Happened



Let’s try to walk through everything that happened in the last few minutes of the OSU-Central Michigan game. Oklahoma State led 27-24 with a few seconds left on 4th down from the Central Michigan 41.

Mason Rudolph dropped back and heaved a ball downfield to nobody. See here.

Time ran out on this play. The clock read 0:00. Everyone was on the field. OSU had escaped 27-24. Except that there were penalty flags. Rudolph was penalized for intentional grounding because he had thrown the ball downfield instead of just running around through the back of his end zone and running the clock out.

The officials incorrectly (more on that in a second) determined that CMU would get the ball with 0:00 left and have an untimed down.

Then CMU ran the play of its life (sort of … more on that later tonight) to beat OSU 30-24. The whole thing was unbelievable.

Except that the game was supposed to be over. Here is the rule from Mike Pereira. Intentional grounding is a loss of down penalty. The game was supposed to be over.

Here is what Pereira said on the broadcast.

“We think we’re looking at a mis-enforced penalty here,” said Pereira. “A penalty is accepted for live ball fouls. Exception: the period is not extended if the foul is by the team in possession and the statement of the penalty includes loss of down.”

So I’m reeling right now. The game was over. The band was on the field. And then it wasn’t. Then OSU lost. Then OSU was 1-1 with a tough Pitt team coming next week. And none of it ever should have happened. Both because OSU should not have been in that position and because the final play never should have happened.

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