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All-time rank of this year’s OSU basketball team



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Here’s a look at where our current players stacks up against former players in a few key categories. I listed the best seasons OSU players in the Sutton/Ford era have had in each category by classification. Players on the current team are listed in blue and the best overall season in the category is highlighted in orange.

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Nash narrowly edged out JA for the freshman scoring record at 13.3 points/game, but Smart is right on his heels at the moment. Eddie just plain did not play freshmen, so I’m not stunned to see Forte in the top 10. That said, seeing him at #4 is an eye-opener.

Nash’s scoring average is identical to last year’s number. Markel cracking the top 10 scoring list by juniors is really a very nice accomplishment when you look at the top 10.

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Not that you need it, but here’s another reason to love Marcus Smart. Aside from Mo Baker’s 6.7 in 2001, Smart is putting together best rebounding season by an OSU guard in recent history.

Kamari’s appearance on the list is a sign of what he can do at OSU in his career. He is a very similar player to Andre Williams, so it’s fitting that he is right next to him on the freshman list.

Given the position he’s playing, Cobbins needs to be higher on this list. Jurick, on the other hand, has really come on this year. He is averaging 14.5 rebounds per 40 minutes, which places him among the all-timers at OSU.

Check out Byron Houston’s 1991 season. The highest scoring and rebound average in the Sutton/Ford era. No big deal.

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Smart is 7th in the country in steals/game, and he’s having the second-best season in this category in the Sutton/Ford era. He averages a steal every 12 minutes he’s on the court.

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As I mentioned, Eddie never played freshmen. The only freshmen from the Eddie era in the top 10 are Adrian Peterson (who was playing on a talent-deprived team after Reeves, Rutherford, Collins, and Pierce graduated) and JamesOn Curry (who played on the most senior-heavy team in OSU history – Lucas, Graham x2, Bobik, McFarlin, Crawford).

Smart leads the way at 80% of available minutes played. We have five guys playing on this team on the freshman list.

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