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Basketball Similarity Rankings



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Round 1

The last time we looked at similar ratings between this team and former OSU players, we only had five games under our belt. Now we’ve played ten and we’re not far from conference play. Let’s see how these guys stack up.

These similarity ratings are based on each basic statistic you see on the box score as well as each player’s efficiency rating. I’ll list as many similar seasons needed to get to three unique players. I decided to go all the way to the bottom of the roster this time just for fun.

Markel Brown
1) Adrian Peterson (So, 1997)
2) Terrel Harris (Sr, 2009)
3) Melvin Sanders (Sr, 2003)

I think the first two guys are pretty good fit. They are versatile guards (Harris was a really solid player in his senior year, remember). Peterson as a sophomore still had a lot of room to improve, just like Markel does. I remember Melvin hitting an occasional jumper, but I can’t help but think of him as anything but a great defender.

Le’Bryan Nash
1) Tony Allen (Jr, 2003)
2) Tony Allen (Sr, 2004)
3) Byron Eaton (Sr, 2009)
4) Fredrik Jonzen (Jr, 2001)

Nash is playing much more efficiently this year. He average 1.1 points per FGA last year. This year he’s at 1.4, due mostly to better shot selection. He’s fouling less and scoring more from the line as well — he averages 7.1 made free throws per 40 minutes versus 4.8 last year.

Marcus Smart
1) Tony Allen (Sr, 2004)
2) Chianti Roberts (Sr, 1997)
3) Desmond Mason (So, 1998)

The only real weakness to Smart’s game so far has been shooting. His eFG% sits at 41%, which is in the Cezar zone (not good). 35% from field, 25% from three. That needs to improve, but basically nothing else does. On a per-40 basis, he’s averaging 16 points, 8 boards, 6 assists, 3 steals, and 1.5 blocks. For those who don’t remember Chianti, he was a great all-around player for Eddie’s mid-90s teams as we transitioned from Reeves to Desmond.

How scary is it that we have two “Tony Allens” on this team?

Kamari Murphy
1) David Monds (Sr, 2007)
2) Marshall Moses (So, 2009)
3) David Monds (Jr, 2006)
4) Andre Williams (Sr, 2003)

Maybe Kamari is Monds without the horrible basketball IQ. I’d take that.

Phil Forte
1) Keiton Page (Fr, 2009)
2) Glendon Alexander (Jr, 1999)
3) Glendon Alexander (Sr, 2000)
4) Obi Muonelo (So, 2008)

Forte’s three-point shooting has come down to a mortal level (36%), but I still think it’s going in every time he puts it up.

Philip Jurick
1) Marshall Moses (So, 2009)
2) Matt Pilgrim (Sr, 2011)
3) Darrell Williams (Jr, 2011)

Scary to think how good this team would be with Darrell Williams, but I won’t open that can of worms. Jurick is averaging 15 REBOUNDS PER 40 MINUTES. This is the highest in the Sutton/Ford era among players with meaningful minutes. But he’s also shooting the ball at a 67% clip. Can’t say enough about how much he has improved this year.

Kirby Gardner
1) Nick Sidorakis (Jr, 2010)
2) Nick Sidorakis (Sr, 2011)
3) R.W. McQuarters (So, 1996)
4) Scott Sutton (Jr, 1993)

Pretty good comparisons here. Solid backup, don’t count on him for much.

Mike Cobbins
1) Stephen Graham (Sr, 2005)
2) Kenny Cooper (So, 2007)
3) Scott Pierce (Sr, 1995)

I think these are pretty solid too. Versatile players with a ton of potential. Cobbins is super-efficient at 1.6 points per FGA and his rebounding has improved to 11 boards/40.

Marek Soucek
1) Roger Franklin (So, 2011)
2) Kevin Miles (Sr, 1996)
3) Terrence Crawford (Jr, 2004)

Christien Sager
1) Sean Pell (Sr, 1993)
2) Sean Pell (Jr, 1992)
3) Zac Cazzelle (Jr, 2000)
4) Chad Alexander (Fr, 1995)

Ford Stuen
1) Jeff Johnson (Fr, 2003)
2) Dan Lawson (Fr, 2000)
3) Blaine Booher (Sr, 2009)

Mason Cox
1) Garrett Thomas (Sr, 2009)
2) Nate Fleming (Fr, 2000)
3) Nolan Cox (Fr, 2009)

Alex Budke
1) Jeff Johnson (So, 2003)
2) Tommy Warner (Jr, 1997)
3) Jeff Johnson (Sr, 2005)

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