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Comparing Marcus Smart and Jason Kidd



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

One of the most fun parts of this season so far to me has been trying to figure out comparisons for Marcus Smart.

I hate the whole “well, he’s the first Marcus Smart” thing that everybody does. That’s true (of course it is) but it’s a fun-sucking sports statement that I’ll let others deal with.

OKC Dave has looked at his Tyreke Evans, James Harden, Caron Butler comps and showed how historical his season has been but I think ESPN really nailed it last weekend during the West Virginia game.

So let’s look at Smart’s 2013 year up against Kidd’s freshman year at Cal (1993)…

Kidd ’93: 13 PPG | 5 RPG | 8 APG | 4 SPG | 0 BPG | 46/29/66 (FG/3P/FT)
Smart ’13: 16 PPG | 6 RPG | 4 APG | 3 SPG | 1 BPG | 41/30/78 (FG/3P/FT)

Incredibly similar. Kidd had more assists but [fill in “if Forte wasn’t one for his last 977” joke here]. Kidd also had a future NBA first rounder to dish to in Lamond Murray.

Amazingly, if Kidd’s career is any indication (and it would appear from those numbers that it is) there’s room for improvement with Smart. Kidd was a a consensus All-American in 1994 (along with Grant Hill, Donyell Marshall, Glenn Robinson, and Clifford Rozier) and went #2 overall in the ’94 draft.

Kidd ’94: 17 PPG | 7 RPG | 9 APG | 4 SPG | 47/36/70 (FG/3P/FT)
Smart ’14: [says quick prayer, posts slanderous material on Internet to deter NBA GMs from wanting him]

Somebody shove an iPad in front of #3 with these facts and figures. Will him to come back. Let’s make it happen, OSU fans. This year marks the 20-year anniversary of Kidd’s historical freshman season. Together we will! Yes we can!

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