Daily Bullets (April 14)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Blue Collar Boynton

In a great interview with Stillwater Newspress, Mike Boynton brought light to the a major reality of college coaching.

“But the one thing I want people to understand, I don’t think about this thing as six years,” Boynton said. “For me, this is a one-year deal. The way I approach it is we’ve got this year to prove and improve this program. I’m going to put the best team together that’s possible to compete for 2018-19. We’ll do that as long as we’re here. I hope to be here a really long time. But I don’t get caught up in a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t help me have success.

“It’s good to be able to go out and tell people I’m going to be here for you, but at the same time, it’s fleeting. I sat in an office, not as big as this, six years ago and I had a degree hanging up on the wall from that university. We didn’t have the success we were supposed to have and that was over. I don’t get caught up in the comfort of a long-term deal. I keep the same workman’s mentality that I better be working as hard as I can because I don’t want to take a chance that the competition is going to outwork me.” [Newspress]

Understanding that to some degree everyone is coaching on a one-year deal is huge, unless of course you have a millstone-ten-year Ford-ian contract. The fleeting nature of it is painfully felt (see Travis Ford’s successor) but it’s a double-edged sword felt by the coaches as well.

Spring Changing

Jelani Woods change to Cowboy Back (tight end) is one of a number of position changes this spring.

Woods isn’t the only Cowboy learning a new position this spring — at least four OSU players have changed positions since the end of last season.

Tracin Wallace, who like Woods redshirted at quarterback last season, has joined his brother Tylan at wide receiver. Tyrell Alexander flipped from receiver to cornerback.

Kenneth Edison-McGruder has slid back to safety from linebacker in Jim Knowles’ new 4-2-5 scheme. [TulsaWorld]

Quarterbacks seem to swap positions regularly – mostly to wide receiver, sometimes to running back or linebacker (Donovan Woods). But a Cam Newton-sized, basketball playing quarterback profiles perfectly for catching jump balls down the seam and in the red zone.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Pokes head out to the desert this weekend to finish up the regular season….So fair catches can now be called in a new area….Some details on the spring football game in Stillwater….Notes midway through spring ball from OSU….Interesting thoughts in this CFB pod on recruiting

Pokes keep the hot play in conference rolling.

What a character.

Impressive finish by the Cowgirls here.

The turquoise is spreading.

Have mercy, Red Raiders.

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