Daily Bullets (April 15)

Written by Steven Mandeville
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OSU Golf is in the middle of an unprecedented stretch and while there’s plenty of high-end talent, the trick appears to be strength in numbers.

The key to OSU’s consistency this year might also be its depth, which is as strong as it has been in Bratton’s five seasons.

The Cowboys’ primary group of five includes Hovland and Kristoffer Ventura, a sophomore and senior from Norway whom Bratton first saw playing together at a team event overseas.

Junior Zach Bauchou joined Hovland as one of 10 semifinalists for the Ben Hogan Award, presented to the top collegiate golfer over a 12-month period. Freshmen Matthew Wolff and Austin Eckroat have added energy and personality.

Yet, the other five Cowboys all have immense experience — even if they’re sometimes left at home. [TulsaWorld]

While the Pokes appear to be a bit too far out of range for a comeback today, winning seven straight will build plenty of confidence for a championship run.

Going, Going, Glenn, Gone

Mike Gundy had some enlightening thoughts on what it’s like to cut loose a friend in coaching.

“Glenn (Spencer) and I were in Bible studies every Wednesday morning. We spent that time together. He’s a first-class guy. Loyal. Great family. Great kids. His wife died here. The kids were raised in this community. But Glenn understands that this is the way the business is. It’s just not easy. But my job is to do what’s best for the 200 people in this organization.

“I really believe that this is gonna be somewhat of a blessing for Glenn. This league offensively can beat you up. You can get in this league and be a pretty good defensive coach, and every Sunday you’re sitting there thinking, ‘They just waxed me.’ The quarterback play in this league is terrific. The coaches aren’t scared to take tons of chances.

“He was in a tough situation. We’ve been very fortunate here that we’ve been very good on offense. Defense was always the red-headed stepchild. I think he needs a breath of fresh air. He’ll move his way back up. He finished second on three head coaching jobs over the last three years, and he’ll probably end up being a head coach again.” [TheAthletic]

Being well compensated in the high stakes world of college football puts you under the microscope – and no degree of friendship (maybe nepotism, i.e. Stoops Brothers) is safe in the meritocracy. That Spencer will be better may very well be true, it’s a shame none of those other head coaching jobs panned out.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Mason Rudolph coached a kids camp in Stillwater yesterday….Washington knows their Adidas unis won’t be that great – bracing for it….Four dubious ways college teams claim professional players….Vanessa Shippy is having one heck of a senior year….Arkansas weighs money/history deciding to keep or ditch games in Little Rock

Pokes drop game two in Morgantown.

Really going to miss how automatic Rudolph was on third downs.

Props to CRFF for finding this Leyton Hammonds update.

Dez is quite a character.

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