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Daily Bullets (February 27)



Good morning folks, I’m Steven and I’m #blessed to bring you the Bullets nowadays. Check out some of my stuff here, I’m just an every day guy that’s looking forward to bringing you some good reads and maybe even a laugh or two. Cheers!

The Basketball Rollercoaster

Robert A. lets us behind the curtain on his experience with Underwood’s team

Here is a quick timeline on my expectations for Cowboy basketball in Brad Underwood’s first season.

Start of the practice in October: I was hoping for an overall winning season and a chance to be on the NCAA bubble, if not in, then make an NIT run.

After Maui, at Maryland, at Wichita State: I was thinking no worse than 9-9 in the Big 12 and an NCAA Tournament berth.
After 0-6 start to Big 12: I’m hoping for maybe six wins in the conference, which would be a 6-6 finish in the last two-thirds of the Big 12 season and an NIT bid.

Today: Sweet 16 baby! [Scout-$$$]

I heard a guy say that his wife was married to five men in her lifetime and they were all him. I feel like I’ve been a fan of at least four different teams this year and Underwood has coached all of them.

Tyron Watch

An underrated spring ball storyline:

OSU’s receiving corps is deep as it’s ever been in the Gundy coaching era. In addition to the star-studded cast that returns — including James Washington, Marcell Ateman, Chris Lacy and Jalen McCleskey — is LSU transfer Tyron Johnson…..

“He’s learning and has come a long ways in our culture, so I feel like he’ll get that conquered here by the end of spring ball,” Gundy said. “What I had asked the offensive staff to do just two days ago was, I need to know what he’s the best at and I need him to be able to play a role at what he’s best at in the early part of the season. Then we’ll bring him along the rest of the way.” [NewsOK]

OrangePower Studios — get a spring intern to follow Tyron in practice and cut a highlight reel.


Beard knows.

“We basically couldn’t guard them in the first half,” Beard said. “In those regards, you sit there and take it, or you try to give your players a chance to get back in the game. I don’t think there’s a difference in getting beat by 40 or by 2. I’m not over there trying to keep it close; we’re over there trying to win.

“So in the second half, we got very aggressive and basically played a defense that tried to take out Forte and Carroll and try and make other players beat us.”

And OSU’s other players did, led by Evans, who struck for all of his 15 points in the second half. [NewsOK]

Tech isn’t a three seed but it sounds like they just played one.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Resume Update: the Pokes smoked some conference champs on their floor in December …. Tough office environment? Hire Mitch or Mote and forget it …. Banner weekend for Pokes fans …. Gonzaga goes down … A couple of 2017 football recruits won state (for the 3rd and 2nd time) … An injured Michigan State guard (via West Virginia) got on the court for senior day …. Bookmark this page for all your conference tourneys coming up

Forte Badger don’t care.

A scheduled tweet if there ever was one.

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Really enjoyed these lately — Atari and Chuck E. Cheese was built by the same dude! Before he turned 40! …. This movie killed at the box office this week — a guilty pleasure of mine is reading what happens ahead of time (on some movies) and there’s quite a twist in this one …. Intriguing piece by WSJ ($$) on getting kids to eat their veggies but this is all I think about:

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