Daily Bullets (July 10)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Agree or Disagree – 2011 is Oklahoma State’s Best Football Season Ever?

CBS Sports went through and noted best football season in Big 12’s team history.

As hard as it may be to snub the 1988 team and Heisman Trophy winner Barry Sanders, the 2011 group symbolized a breakthrough — both for the Cowboys’ place in the Big 12 and for Mike Gundy as one of college football’s better coaches. Oklahoma State ended an eight-game losing streak to Oklahoma, beat an Andrew Luck-led Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl and captured its first conference title in 35 years. The 12 wins that season stand as the most all-time. Of course, there’s the blemish: the stunning overtime loss at Iowa State, though kicker Quinn Sharp will tell you the go-ahead field goal in the fourth quarter was actually good. Had the Cowboys escaped Ames with a victory, it all but assuredly would have played in the BCS Championship Game. [CBS Sports]

Coffee is on me if you guessed Levy Adcock was the other non-Blackmon All-American on that team.

Ticket to the Show

As disappointed as we all were with Les Miles for saying “Forget the Alamo” and leaving the Pokes to be Teddy Ginn’ed to death, was he the match that started the fire (that cause football to explode) in Stillwater?

Boone Pickens’ millions of dollars have helped. The Cowboys’ facilities lagged behind the competition until Pickens began dumping money into them, and now Oklahoma State can put its football facilities against just about anyone else’s. Of course, Pickens would never have made those investments if he didn’t see the on-the-field product improving.

“The people from the East Coast and the West Coast, now they know us as this big-time football operation, this new building, the new stadium,” Gundy said. “They don’t understand the rusted erector set where we came from. And Oklahoma State football just being punks. [The Athletic]

Statues need to be built for Gundy, Holder, Pickens, the whole lot of them. They’re all responsible for the absence of eight-loss seasons that are largely the norm for Oklahoma State history. But the italicized comment (emphasis mine) indicates that maybe, just maybe the Mad Hatter deserves to have a plaque somewhere.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Title-winning success is coming earlier for some college football coaches….Could the NCAA Football video game ever return?….Is this era in Kansas Football the worst for a team in CFB history?….CRFF with a solid Pokes in the Pros update on NBA Summer League….Injury reports in college football would be nice for fans, terrible for coaches….See where Mike Gundy ranks amongst college football coaches in job security

Woof. Cross your fingers this is just a situation where Smart is leveraging his way into a better offer from Boston. Sacramento is getting better but the basketball version of playing offense for the Cleveland Browns.

Don’t feel bad drafted Washington in all your Non-OSU fantasy football leagues (he’ll go too high among OSU fans).

What happens after a team (that shouldn’t be in the Final Four) makes the national semi-final?

How in the world is Garth playing Notre Dame Stadium before Boone Pickens? Love Garth but the new stuff hasn’t been up to his standards.

Yesterday on PFB
Things I’m Consuming/Chewing On
  • After watching “The Identity Theft of Mitch Mustain” (can watch on Amazon Prime Video), couldn’t help but chew on how playing college football impacts the lives of young men
  • Finished this short read – “1776” by McCullough on the first year of the Revolutionary War – insane to think how much Washington crossing into Trenton and taking a mercenary outpost shaped the next three-plus centuries
  • Tramel explains why it’s impossible to trade Melo – I’ll always be disappointed he had to learn he was a bench player from OKC instead of straight owning second units a la Harden/Reggie Jackson.