Daily Bullets (July 12)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Breaking Down Bryant

I’m sort of at a loss for words why Dez Bryant hasn’t been picked up but these production numbers do bring some light.

With Tony Romo at quarterback, Bryant’s 16-game totals in 2014 were 88 catches for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns. On 22 of his receptions, there was a gain of at least 20 yards.

The combination of the foot-ankle surgery and the Romo retirement appeared to jolt Bryant, who failed to flourish with Prescott at QB.

During the 2017 season, Bryant’s 16-game totals were 69 catches, 838 yards and only six TDs. There was a dramatic drop also in big plays. Only eight of Bryant’s receptions resulted in a gain of at least 20 yards.

Bryant was among the league’s highest-paid receivers, but wasn’t producing on the level of Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown (101 catches), Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins (96) and Atlanta’s Julio Jones (88). And those big plays? Those field-position-impacting plays of at least 20 yards? Brown had 27 such plays. Hopkins had 24 and Jones 23. [TulsaWorld]

Top-15 Ground Game

ESPN looked at the top 15 rushing attacks in college football – the Pokes made the list.

15. Oklahoma State Cowboys
The graduation of quarterback Mason Rudolph and wide receiver James Washington could mean a bigger role for running back Justice Hill. He is ready. Hill ran for 1,467 yards (5.5 average) and 15 scores in 2017, displaying notable durability for a 5-foot-10, 185-pounder. Reserve running back J.D. King (469 yards, four touchdowns) is also back for the Cowboys. [ESPN Insider]

I’m not sure there’s a better third back (outside of blue-blood depth charts) than Hubbard out there.

OSU and NCAA Notes

See what SB Nation said OSU’s NCAA 2019 rankings would be (bulletin board material for Knowles)….Enjoyed the arguments made in “Defense of Big 12 Defense“….OSU’s sweet new performing arts center is nearing completion….Sign me up for Marcus Smart as the Grindfather 2.0….How England took American football concepts for their semi-final run

The underlying concept here is fascinating – athletic eligibility being linked to an arbitrary number of four-ish years for academic reasons. Doesn’t the NCAA know Millennials take five-plus years to graduate? (Cue Chris Farley from “Tommy Boy”)

…because apparently he doesn’t fit the boy scout mold of Bobby Petrino or fifteen plus years of Rick Pitino.

One of these two things surprised me.

If the good Lord tarries. But I wouldn’t hold my breath, Jeff.

OSU’s gotta Boynton a microphone more than they do.

Yesterday on PFB
Other Stuff I’m Chewing On

A 35 percent career three-point shooter may be sub-optimal for the old Derek Fisher off-ball guard role.