Daily Bullets (July 9)

Written by Kyle Porter
Money is overrated

Mike Boynton gets philosophical, and hey, I’m not sure him and Mike Holder could be more alike in the way they think if they tried.

“This is gonna sound crazy, and I hope it doesn’t come across the wrong way: I think money’s overrated,” he said. “I mean, it doesn’t really mean a whole lot to me.”

The mindset, Boynton said, stems partially from a New York childhood where money wasn’t ever-present but he never felt he lacked anything. His life has always been more about relationships, and his ability to connect with people went a long way in athletic director Mike Holder circling him as the top choice to replace Underwood in March 2017. [NewsOK]

Also, I agree with him, but I think you could make the argument that money is both overrated (doesn’t solve much) and underrated (you can leverage it to do some pretty cool stuff).

Justice Hill, also Underrated

I tend to agree on this from John Helsley, although you could not possibly find a more biased person than myself!

Maybe it’s different here within the state’s borders, although I bet that team down south and its followers would probably prop their guy up higher than Hill. But nationally, Hill is seen as second tier. And he’s not. He’s the headliner in a talented group of ball carriers in an offense that has yet to even spring all its backfield weapons on opponents. That’s happening this fall for sure with the Cowboys transitioning at quarterback. [247]

If Justice Hill played for Texas A&M, they would have already hung another SEC title banner. And if he played for Alabama? Well, he’d be the Heisman favorite.

New Defense Coming

Good stuff here on Oklahoma State’s new defense with the money quote coming from Dan Hammerschmidt.

 “I’ll tell you what, that is impressive because the package is involved,” Hammerschmidt said enthusiastically. “We run a lot of stuff. He has a base and it’s awesome because it fits all together. He’s been a head coach before and he is a Cornell grad. We joke with him all the time that sucker is smarter than all the rest of us put together, but he really, it’s all in his head and he has done it (this defense) for years. Obviously, he tweaks it because he is a great football mind and he tweaks it as he goes.” [247]

There’s also some interesting in there about why playing with five DBs is easier and better than playing with four and a linebacker. I still think talent > everything else when it comes to defense, but I’m at least going into the year with an open mind.

OSU And NCAA Notes

The NCAA is prepping minority candidates for head coaching jobs … Have mercy, this brawl between an AAU team and the refs is insane! … Jonathan F. is no longer QB1Congrats to Go Pokes on their new hireSelf-reporting season is at hand (and it is glorious) … Matthew Wolff and Zach Bauchou’s squad torched the International side in the Arnold Palmer Cup … Really enjoyed this on Boynton spacing out practices and pulling strings … John Helsley makes the case that Justice is underrated

These are amazing.

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Blake is a good dude and a friend of the blog. Praying for you and your family, buddy.

Not a view I expected to have this evening. Some of you may have heard by now, but Sydney and I are currently at the hospital awaiting surgery for her tomorrow morning. While at Grand Lake today she was sitting upright in a hammock reading her book. I sat down in the hammock next to her that was connected to a dead tree, which then came crashing down on her head knocking her unconscious. She was immediately flown to St. Francis where we found out she has an L1 vertebral burst fracture. Honestly, it should have been so much worse. And we are praising God that Rose was inside napping. Thank you so much to everyone that has been praying and reaching out. We love you and appreciate you. God is good, even in times like this.

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