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Dez Bryant Talks Uniform Reveal, Recommends OSU



Dez Bryant came back to Stillwater and helped reveal some sick new threads for the 2016 football season with Brandon Weeden and Dan Bailey.

After the reveal, he talked with OSU’s Allison Gappa in an interview to talk about the experience. And of course, he talked uni’s. “I’m kinda slightly jealous, you know cause we didn’t have it when I was there…”

Gappa asked about how great it was to see coach Gundy and Glass in his time again. And Dez threw a lob for the entire coaching staff with an incredible recruiting pitch.

“Man, I love them. They the same guys from when I was here. Just real genuine people. If you want great coaching, if you want to get better as a person, get better as a player, as an athlete period, Oklahoma State is the place to come to.”

For a superstar like Dez Bryant to give that kind of endorsement for his alma mater, that’s a great recruiting pitch coaches can use to try and bring guys in. Specifically guys from the Texas area who may have interest in OSU only because Dez went there.

Check out the full interview here:

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