Kyle P. here answering some of your most pressing questions about the site. 

Did you even play sports? I did. Kind of. I was like the 26th guy out of the bullpen one fall for Oklahoma State’s baseball team and, as you can deduce, that didn’t last very long. So I started writing about sports instead of playing them.

So, you’re qualified to run this website? As qualified as Mike Gundy is to run a high-level organization that makes tens of millions of dollars a year. Translation: not really, but it’s working so why mess with it?

Is this your “real” job? It is not. My “real” job involves covering the PGA Tour for CBSSports.com. This is a side gig that has become a nice part-time business.

What athlete would you compare your writing skills to? I like to think of myself as Kellen Moore with a keyboard. Minus the Bieber look. I’m not going to do a lot of things that are going to wow people but I love writing, and I like to study it. I take what I like from other writers and make it my own and hone it into something hopefully all of you will enjoy.

Do you go to all the games? I do not. With the way TV and technology is these days, we’ve found it just as easy (if not better) to cover most of this stuff from our homes.

Why are you doing this? I think I already covered that but in case you missed it: I love OSU, always have, always will. My buddies and I found ourselves sending thousand-word emails on a weekly (if not daily) basis about ridiculous OSU stuff and I was usually the instigator.

What does your wife think about this site? Mrs. Pistols is cool with it. She likes to chime in with typical girl stuff like “Zac Robinson’s eyes are a color blue I’ve never seen before” (actual quote) and “Kendall Hunter looks like Zacchaeus” (another actual quote). However, I can’t make fun of her ever again considering she finished in the 99.7% in the 2010-11 ESPN Bowl Challenge out of like 300,000. Seriously, she did, and she literally cannot name one college football player outside of Cam Newton and a few guys on OSU.

When did you decide to do this? There was a sequential string of events that led me to all of this but I really think the turning point was when I read this Tim Tebow profile by Jason Fagone in Esquire. I had read great stories before, heck, there are hundreds of fantastic articles posted on the internet every day, but I had never been overrun by a piece like I was that one. It was one of the first times I ever thought the way we put words together is capable of affecting people and, on very good days, changing lives.