Five Questions for Mike Gundy at Big 12 Media Days

Written by Kyle Porter

Kyle Boone and I are headed out to Frisco for some fun at Day 2 of Big 12 Media Days, and I have a list of about 83 questions for the head ball coach. Gundy will speak last at the dais before (I think) moving on to a few different scrums so we will realistically have time to get to about three of those questions, but I’ve listed my five best prior to Tuesday’s festivities.

1. Do you agree with Mike Holder?

Look, I know the horse is so dead that it’s now being used as an adhesive in classrooms all over the OKC metroplex, but the question has to be addressed. I half expect Gundy to slyly cut everyone off at the pass and open with something like “We like our team, got a good schedule, need to solidify the quarterback and now I want to talk about my boss …”

2. Can you win a title with the way you’re recruiting?

This is the actual question I’m more interested in. Because either Gundy thinks OSU can win a national championship with the way they do things despite mountains of evidence that say the opposite, or he doesn’t think OSU can win a national championship and doesn’t care enough to change. Or that’s not even his goal to begin with. This is the real heart of all of this mess.

3. How much has your stance on Spencer Sanders changed?

Gundy was aggressive and effusive with his praise of Sanders last December on OSU’s unofficial signing day. I’m curious if he’s still singing the choruses of No. 3 after six weeks on campus or if he backs off a little bit. Gundy (obviously) won’t tell us who he thinks QB1 will be against Missouri State, but the way he talks about each of his guys could be telling.

4. How many freshmen will play?

I always enjoy Gundy talking about this because I think it’s fun to imagine which ones will have an impact. That will be especially true this time around because of the new redshirt rule in which freshmen are allowed to play up to four games and still retain their redshirts. Mason Rudolph would still be on campus if the crooked NCAA hadn’t waited until 2018 to implement this rule! I’m curious to see how Gundy chooses to leverage it.

5. Where is this team better than last year?

This is a tricky one to navigate because it’s obviously difficult to recover from losing so many key components of the No. 2 offense in the country (points per drive), but I’m curious about where Gundy thinks OSU will be better. Running back? Uh, cornerback experience? Leadership? I don’t really know what he’ll say, which is why I’m excited to ask it.