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Laquon Treadwell Decision



I’ve made my feelings about recruiting and the people who pester 17-year-old athletes on Twitter pretty clear over the past few weeks I think. I loathe it, it doesn’t matter, etc. etc.

That being said, I know some of you do care about it in a mature, rational way. And that’s fine.

So for you (and for the crazies) I was approached by someone who spent pretty much every minute of Laquon Treadwell’s visit to Stillwater with Treadwell and under the guise of anonymity we hade the following conversation…

Kyle Porter: Do him and TMoore have beef?

Person who knows things: No. They didn’t hangout at all this weekend. Never even met each other.

KP: Did he like Stillwater?

PWKT: He loved it. He said we were real to him and didn’t try to put on a show. Really bonded with the guys well to.

KP: How was he?

PWKT: He was shy, extremely shy. It took him almost all of Friday for him to warm up to me and Muncrief. But after that he was fun and outgoing

KP: Do you think he’s going to come to OSU?

PWKT: At the start of the weekend I would say 80/20 Ole Miss but now I can accurately say I believe it is now either 50/50 or we have an advantage.

KP: What was his least favorite part about Stillwater?

PWKT: Cold. That’s all he complained about.

KP: Hah, and his favorite part?

PWKT: Honestly Caleb and I and jw. Loved hanging out with the guys.

KP: What did he think of Gundy?

PWKT: Thought he was super chill and a players coach. Gundy took him to his sons basketball game on Saturday. Really got to bond.

KP: That’s pretty funny. OK, anything else you want to add? Anything crazy happen that wouldn’t compromise your anonymity?

PWKT: He loved the guys and the girls haha but mostly he said we were real with him and treated him like he was already one of us. I think he is coming here and it will be due to Muncrief. That guy is a great recruiter. Kid reminds me of dez minus the mind and personality area.

Treadwell makes his decision tomorrow.

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