Poll Recap: OSU Fans Want to See Rudolph in Foxborough

Written by Phillip Slavin

The NFL draft is less than two weeks away and all OSU fans want to know the same thing: where will Mason Rudolph and James Washington go?

While we won’t know the answer until April 26th… or 27th at the worst, we can all speculate and hope. And as far Rudy is concerned, it seems most fans hope to see him wearing red, blue, and silver next season.

Of the 1,379 people who voted, 593 voted they’d like to see Rudolph playing for the Patriots next season. In a close second place were the Pittsburgh Steelers with 565 votes.

I’m not entirely sure if this is really where everyone wants to see him overall, just of these three options, or where everything just thinks he’s most likely to end up based on reports and news.

As far as the other votes go (which I picked) the Steelers were probably the most discussed.

“Steelers. Not a huge NFL guy but my one loyalty is anyone playing the Patriots. Can’t stand them or their culture. Reminds me of the folks down south. Pittsburgh is the next best option to learn from a great veteran QB and take over the reigns of an offense similar to what he ran in college.” – Aaron

The Patriots, though, were the heavy favorite.

“Patriots for me. They do a good job in the free agency and getting a roster in place that fits everything they do. Tom Brady is the perfect mentor you could have as a young QB. He’s a winner most of all. Pats always seem to have a good team year after year. We seen what happened to Weeden as a first year QB when you get thrown to the wolves. Rudolph needs a stable team with a championship or bust mentality. Not the “2nd isn’t bad” philosophy he’s had to endure his entire career at OSU.” – Les Miles

The Saints — and a chance to play in the dome! — also got some love.

“Saints. Dome home field. Learning time behind vet. Incredible run game. Young stud at WR. Playoff contender. Also located in a recruiting base.” – Andrew Pottinger

As I mentioned before, I picked other and hope he ends up with the Chargers or Saints. I’m not necessarily a fan of either (Go 49ers and Chiefs!), but think both offer him the perfect situation because of two key factors:

  • The opportunity to play most of your games in a dome or in warm weather.
  • The chance to sit behind an experienced, hall-of-fame level quarterback for a couple of years

I like Rudy, but he needs a year or two. Learning from Rivers and Breeze for that time is perfect. Yes, he’d similarly be able to sit behind Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger, but both play too many games in cold weather for my taste. (and let’s all be honest, the Bills would be an awful landing place).

I don’t know where Rudy will end up, but I’m excited and hopeful to see what happens.