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The Morning Fade – 2.14.11



1. Phil Steel predicts OSU will be the AP #9 to open the year – Steele has nailed nine of ten in the AP poll for two years running. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that OSU is going to be at, or close to, this position but it’s a reality. Oh, and OU at #1, A&M at #6 — the Big 12 South (if it still existed) would be ridiculous. (Phil Steele)

2. Rashaun Woods gives a glowing review of Todd Monken – “He can always get the best out of his players,” Woods said. “He dealt with a lot of different personalities, and no matter what the personality, no matter the background, he’s real good at getting the most out of them.” I gotta be honest, between this, the Josh Fields tweet below, and Monken’s “all I’m here for is to put up points and win games” quote, I’m pretty much entirely bought in. (News OK)

3. David Ubben hands out a few Valentine’s – “You’ve got to love Oklahoma State stars Justin Blackmon and Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma stars Ryan Broyles and Travis Lewis and Texas A&M star Jeff Fuller. Thanks to them, the Big 12 should be a whole lot more fun to watch in 2011. And really, that’s what it’s all about.” (ESPN)

4. Barry Sanders Jr. has no idea where he’s going to college – “OSU, Alabama, Florida State and UCLA are among his current favorites, though that can change as the offers continue to roll in. Most recruiting experts have the 2011 classes of the Crimson Tide and the Seminoles as the top two in the nation. Sanders is acutely aware of that fact. Those that know him best say Sanders would be just fine facing the backlash of OSU fans if he goes to another program.” I see this ending poorly for Oklahoma State. (News OK)

5. Gundy with an interesting take on recruiting in Florida – The general premise being that if you keep winning 10 games and putting players in position to win national awards, the more likely you are to attract national talent. I like the risk/reward basis here (and this should be an entire post), you aren’t getting 5-star divas because they’re going to The U and Gainesville. You are, however, getting 3-star guys (who would be 4-star and borderline 5-star in Oklahoma) with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove because they got passed up by the blue bloods. That’s who I want coming to Stillwater. (News OK)

6. The good news for OSU is that every sport that isn’t hoops is winning – The wrestling team dominated Wyoming to go to 14-2-1 on the season. The tennis team rolled over Sacramento St. for its first win of the year. And the softball team started off the season 4-1.

“That makeup hasn’t been great. The chemistry hasn’t been great. I’m not talking about guys who don’t get along. It’s that we’re just not playing well together offensively.” – Travis Ford

In case you missed it over the weekend Justin Bieber hearts Mike Gundy.

Josh Fields with a digital thumbs up on the Todd Monken hire.

Luke Winn had a great write-up on the Wisconsin tOSU game from Saturday. Kevin Durant posted a terrifying/awesome picture of a pair of Jordans I know you’ve never seen. Also, excuse the self-aggrandizement, but in case you missed my LeBryan Nash take on Saturday, here it is.

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