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The Only Three People…



…to ever get drafted in the first two rounds of BOTH the NFL and MLB drafts are: John Elway, Bo Jackson, and Brandon Weeden*.

Elway – 1981 Yankees (2nd) | 1983 Colts (1st)
Jackson – 1982 Yankees (2nd) | 1986 Bucs (1st)
Weeden – 2002 Yankees (2nd) | 2012 Browns (1st)

Should be noted that Bo didn’t play for either team he was originally drafted by. He went to Auburn instead of the Yanks out of high school, then shunned the Bucs and played for the Royals (who drafted him in the 4th round even though he’d barely played at Auburn and was the REIGNING HEISMAN WINNER!)

Am I saying that Weeden’s legacy will be that of Elway (looks like Bodemeister and has two Super Bowl rings) or Bo (greatest athlete ever who once did a back flip out of a pool in waist-deep water)? No, but to be the answer to a trivia question about being a top draft pick in two of the deepest leagues involving the best athletes in the world with these two dudes? Pretty cool.

Also, to those inquiring: Deion Sanders went in the 6th and 30th rounds in baseball and 1st in football. Dave Winfield went in the 1st round in baseball but the 17th round in football. Can you fathom 17 rounds of NFL drafting? Kiper and McShay would be doing triathlons in the summer to unwind from that. Schefty would just hook up to an IV and not eat for six months. It would be insane.

*This is to the best of my (and Wikipedia’s) knowledge.

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