Top 10 Comments of the Week: Joe Bob Love, Corn Dog Truthers, and Rudolph’s Landing Spots

Written by Jacob Overton

As the week comes to a close I hope you enjoy some of our best comments from the past week. As always click on the number of upvotes a comment received to take you to the comment thread. Enjoy.

No. 1 – Boynton’s Crootin’ Effort

zachattachone: Whether Boynton succeeds long-term who knows at this point, but it will not be from a lack of effort. (18 Upvotes)

Mike Boynton’s hustle on the recruiting trail has been evident from the very start. Although he hasn’t landed any big name guys, yet, I think if he can keep up this effort that the chips will begin to fall in our direction.

No. 2 – In Joe Bob We Trust

James Abernathy: I love how fans brag on Joe Bob and how great he is and ALWAYS bring up guys like James W and Kevin P the list goes on. Then we get a guy (Kody Walterscheid) that obviously Joe Bob likes and has a trait that no matter how good a coach you can’t teach (size) and suddenly we are knocking him. All you fair weather people can walk. I hope this kids develops to an All Big 12 performemer and you all eat your crow with extra salt! (14 Upvotes)

“And you all eat your crow with extra salt!” Oh, that’s some glorious stuff. I agree with him though: Joe Bob is afforded a pass on some guys because he knows things that we simply don’t. This could be his next big success story.

No. 3 – In Henson We Trust

Adam M.: His first year from a coaching AND recruiting standpoint has been a saving grace for the future. I hope he plans to continue coaching in Stillwater for a long time (12 Upvotes)

Greater things have yet to come.

No. 4 – Corn Dog Loyalist

Shanon Edwards: Stop underestimating corndog (11 Upvotes)

It’s probably just the fact that Sanders and Baker aren’t on campus yet (I know it is) but I find myself buying more and more stock in Cornelius starting game 1.

No. 5 – Right Fit The Most Important for Rudolph

Chris Baker: One thing is for sure I like the options Rudolph seems to be getting v. the other top QBs. Fit is important, I’m not so sure that more than a couple of the QBs that started their careers in Cleveland wouldn’t be starters now if they had been drafted into the right fit, and/or had the chance to sit and learn before being thrown to the wolves. Steelers, Patriots, and Saints are the names I hear the most these days and those are all better situations than Rosen, Darnald, and the kid from OU are facing? Established QBs with at least a year or so left in the tank and a stable franchise that’s not going to change OCs and HCs every year. (9 Upvotes)

My favorite thing about this comment ist Chris refuses to call Baker Mayfield by his name. In true Les Miles fashion he just says “the kid from OU.” Keep it up, I love it!

No. 6 – Headline Grab

MajorPayneCounty: I just glanced at the title and the words “…Dax Hill commits to…” almost gave me a heart attack (9 Upvotes)

KB got me too with that headline. But we can’t fault him for playing the game the way it’s meant to be played. 😏

No. 7 – Shots Fired… at Us

OKsailor: You guys are ate up with the “starting QB not on campus” schtick. (8 Upvotes)

I don’t think it’s a shtick; many people outside of PFB are saying it too, but I can understand OKsailor’s grievance and parallel faith in Cornelius. He’s been here forever, I assume he knows the offense very well, and probably has a chip on his shoulder because of guys like us. We’ll see what happens come Sept. 1, 2018.

No. 8 – Landing Spots for Rudy

Tampa Pete: Anywhere but Ohio! Cleveland/Cincinnati is where good football players go to fail (8 Upvotes)

Adam M.: I hope they pick up Baker. (8 Upvotes)

I don’t see the Browns drafting Rudolph unless it’s in the 2nd or 3rd round, and surely they would already have a QB by then. This is the Browns organization we’re talking about though, so who knows what they’re going to do. They might only draft QBs in hopes that at least one of them works out.

No. 9 – Big & Little Brother U

Greg Mitchell: Great that Cole’s brother is joining him, now if we can get the Hill brothers together, that would be awesome. (8 Upvotes)

I like the way Greg thinks. Hopefully Daxx feels the same way.

No. 10 – Mythical Chuba Hubbard
undy talking about Chuba never gets old.Thumbnail
I’ll never forget one of Gundy’s first quotes on Chuba: “when he hits a hole …. gone.” Also I give this comment an A++ for the use of an Office gif. You are a gentleman and a scholar, Adam M.
Underrated\My Favorites

Some of my favorites that didn’t get enough love. Click on the commenter’s name to take you to the comment thread.


Zombie Willham:“Funny how things work out sometimes, though.” Signed, Bobby Reid, Wes Lunt, Alex Cate

This was Zombie’s thoughts on an article examining first year QB success at OSU.

A Troll Never Dies

Troll: Top 9! There chances improved to 1%!

okiewhaler: This is why teachers are protesting. Troll needs his 5th school day back.

Josh Roberts: Actually 10% but who would expect a troll to understand math

I know many of you have seen this guy in the comments trying to ruffle some feathers. Some have begun to clap back at them, and this was one of those sequences. Okiewhaler’s response made me LOL.


MajorPayneCounty: Read this exactly like a Donald Trump tweet

You really need to read this short thread. It’s funny.