Watch: Mike Gundy Goes Shirtless in OU Tribute Video to Bob Stoops

Written by Kyle Boone

The University of Oklahoma paid tribute to long time football coach Bob Stoops on Friday night in a “Salute to Stoops” event, and Mike Gundy asserted himself into the conversation in a way only he could: shirtless.

In a tribute video that aired at the event, Gundy wished Stoops well in his retirement by offering up an invitation to hunt, golf or swim with him in his newfound free time. Gundy also let the cat out of the bag that he’s got a place in Florida, which prompted him to take off his shirt and invite the former Sooners coach for a swim at some point.

No, really. It actually happened.

This isn’t the first time Gundy has gone shirtless in public — the last time he did it, though, he had former QB1 at his side at a homecoming and hoops event.

This time it was just him and a camera in a room full of what I can only presume to have been a flood of OU fans.

Never change, Gundy. Never change.

Mike Gundy goes shirtless at homecoming in 2017.

Mike Gundy goes shirtless at homecoming in 2017.

Mike Gundy and Mason Rudolph go shirtless at homecoming in 2017.