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10 things we learned this spring



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

As always spring football was a series of “but really, you have to see this year’s defense” statements, great Gundy quotes, and a monster smokescreen to end the festivities, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Lost went off the air for the last time.

So what did we learn from it all? How about these 10 things…

1. We haven’t had a QB everybody could agree on in a looooong time. Weeden’s reign feels like it was a decade ago. All silliness aside, I’ve had totally rational people explain to me why each of the three QBs should be the starter and honestly, they all make sense.

So why was this such an easy decision a year ago and such a difficult one now after 12 months of watching these guys? Too much information to process? We’re digressing. My point is, no matter who QB1 is or isn’t, some fans are going to be angry.

2. Joe Randle can’t be replaced. Well, he can, but his production will be filled in by two different guys. I never worry about OSU running backs (look at our 10 year history) but I do think people took Randle for granted. There were multiple articles this spring about what Jeremy Smith and Des Roland do well and what they struggle with.

That was the thing about Joe, he had no weaknesses. He could block, catch balls out of the backfield, throw (!), and shimmy like nobody at OSU has ever shimmied. There won’t be a noticeable drop off in RB production, but you’re going to see a lot less of just one guy out there.

3. The kicking game is, uh, not good. There’s gotta be a Gramatica brother running around the backwoods of Northwest Oklahoma, no? Maybe a cousin? At this point I’ll say if you’ve shaken hands with a Gramatica brother, you get a tryout. This is bad:

4. The return game, however, is (finally) in good hands. I’m not sure how Josh Stewart as the punt returner didn’t happen before now but I’m glad it did. And I don’t have to sit through anymore Charlie Moore/David Glidden alcohol-inducing moments with the game on the line. Actually to be fair, Glidden wasn’t bad, but he was hurt more often than Fred Taylor.

5. Forget the U.S., Mike Yurcich wants to be Jamaica.

OSU is planning on going even faster this year, which if you’ve read OKC Dave at all you know is an absurd thought.

6. The defense at least appears to have gotten better. I’ve said it for the last few years, OSU’s D hasn’t been as bad as everyone thinks it is but with the way Gundy has been talking you’d think he stole some of Bama’s backups to forge this year’s version. I don’t care about how they did in the cotillion, I care about whether or not they can give up a TD fewer per game this year. If so, double digit wins is is play.

7. Kye Staley has shed the F-250 model of himself and altogether upgraded to the F-350 version. This is what six years of college will do for you. Also should be noted that I have no photographic proof of this, but I trust Carson’s assessment:

8. Gundy sleeps during practice.

9. The Lyndell Johnson experiment is still TBD. I thought there was no way he’d miss out on a starting gig, no way he’d not be on the field, no way he’d not be the next Markelle Martin! Then there he was on Tuesday, a second teamer on the depth chart, tied with Zack Craig (official chart says Johnson or Craig backing up Shamiel Gary). I still think Johnson is going to be a monster on D this year, but his spring has me confused.

10. The Big 12 isn’t going to be that great. OSU is being talked about as the Big 12 favorite and they, obviously, have some pretty serious holes [looks at special teams depth chart again, logs in to Grey Goose website, purchases frequent buyers card]. TCU, Texas, OU, KSU, and Baylor will all be feisty as well but there’s really not an elite team among the bunch. Maybe that Big East-Big 12 Fiesta matchup will finally be formidable.

The Big East is still playing football this year, yes?

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