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Welcome to the most comprehensive coverage of Oklahoma State athletics anywhere on the internet. We are a group of writers, podcasters, photographers, artists and thinkers intent on bringing you the best and most intriguing coverage possible every single day of the year.

The value in subscribing to PFB is that you get the best OSU news anywhere on the internet, and you get to participate in the best community (over at our forums). If you subscribe to PFB+, you get a better experience, more content and more access to what you know you already love.

What You Get

Other than the delight of supporting an independently-run website full of OSU fans like yourself?! 

Here are some of the things you’re missing out on by not joining PFB+.

Premium Forum

Join the convo.

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All the nuggets.

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Pick ’ems and fantasy with prizes on the line.

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What It Costs

$8/month or $80 for the year. If you only want access to our forum (but not the premium portion), you can sign up for a free account (no credit card or anything required).


If you aren’t subscribing yet, trust me, you should. The content is rapidly expanding and getting better and better each week. I’ve been critical of these guys on occasion because I expect more only for them to come out a week or two later and surpass my expectations. This thing is not only growing but growing in the right direction. I’m super proud of the PFB staff and proud to be part of it with them.


I’ve been an avid follower of PFB since 2010. They have always provided the best online content for OSU football, and I would spend more time than I’d like to admit scouring the depths of early PFB. When they offered a subscription program, it was a no-brainer for me.

I know they are always striving to improve the site and the content it provides, and if I can assist in any way, I am glad to do it. Since they started the subscription service, the site has grown by leaps and bounds. Store discounts, give-aways and customized background pics are only some of the many amazing perks. I can’t think of any $8 better spent than in the hands of the Kyles and PFB.

Dr. Jones

I’ve become a dedicated follower of PFB. Being an out-of-state alum, I appreciate the efforts of the PFB staff. I don’t want to give away my age, but Charlie Weatherbie was taking snaps under center when I graduated from Oklahoma State University.

I appreciate the podcasts primarily because the contributors are realistic and honest about subject matter surrounding OSU’s athletic programs, and I can take off my orange-colored glasses while enjoying the podcasts

I was pleasantly surprised to be offered the PFB+ platform and look forward to the coming months as PFB continues to evolve.


What You’ve Done

We started PFB+ in summer 2017 and it has stabilized our business to the point that we have comfortably added the following:

  • A website redesign/overhaul
  • A travel budget for writers/photographers for football and basketball games
  • Margin to start our store with some healthy up-front inventory costs
  • A wrestling writer
  • An Xs and Os analyst
  • A full-time beat writer

Individually are any of these things going to break the bank? No, but they add up over time and we are more conservative than a Ted Cruz dinner party so your support has given us the freedom to go make a lot of this happen.

Thank you for that, and please consider joining PFB+!

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