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This site started in January 2011 on a whim. Our publisher, Kyle Porter, thought it would be fun to write about Oklahoma State football and basketball on the internet.

Since then PFB has grown quite a bit. We now have a number of staff writers, several part-time contributors, a podcast, a store and a program for folks who want an even better version of what we’re already providing. Our readers have enjoyed the ride so much they’ve even started helping fund this endeavor.

We do a little bit of everything on this site. Analysis, interviews, commentary and of course lots of GIFs. Over the last six years, we believe PFB has grown into the best independent source for Oklahoma State sports news and entertainment on the web (a huge niche!)

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As always, it is our aim to delight and inform you about what’s going on in Oklahoma State world.

Thank you for reading supporting us over the years.


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