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Pistols Firing Commenting Policy

Pistols Firing and its authors welcome criticism, critique, opinion and the airing of frustration (this is sort of why blogs were created!). We are First Amendment proponents, but that doesn’t mean you can yell “fire” in a theater without consequences. Therefore, we have guidelines around what is and isn’t acceptable in the comments section (fist bump to 11 Warriors for the assist on putting this together).

Also: Note that the comments section is a tremendous place for us to gather ideas for future posts or research. This is part of the point of the comments section and one we’re appreciative of. On to the guidelines.

Keep it Professional

If you disagree with our opinions on Oklahoma State’s receivers, that’s great. We welcome that kind of thing because we believe it sharpens our work and makes us better. However, please avoid the following:

  • Personal attacks on writers or other commenters (if you have to ask, it’s probably personal).
  • Trolls that are mean and spiteful (we encourage heavy sarcasm).
  • Name-calling or stereotyping.

This is a sports blog

Let’s try and remember that. It was created for a community of folks who love Oklahoma State athletics. It was not created so that peace could be brought to North Korea. We write this often, but perspective, humor and kindness are appreciated. One of our core values here at PFB is kindness, and we expect that from our people as well.

Closing Comments

We reserve the right to close comments on a post. We do this when one of two things happens.

  1. Somebody in the comments section gets out of control.
  2. The post is particularly susceptible to devolving into a never-ending scroll of political sniping and name-calling.

For example: If Donald Trump sings the national anthem at Bedlam and Gundy takes a knee on the sideline while Rob Glass cuts his mullet off, there is a 0 percent chance we are leaving the comments open for that post.

Top 10 Comments

One of the fun posts we’ve started doing around here is the top 10 comments of the week. If your comment gets enough upvotes and isn’t troll-y, then you might make it into that weekly post, which is one of our favorites to look back on.

If you egregiously or repeatedly violate the spirit of any of these guidelines, we reserve the right to delete your comment, warn you and eventually remove your account from the comments section.