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10 Thoughts From a Texas Fan



NCAA Football: Texas at Mississippi

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An anonymous Texas fan emailed me yesterday to let me know what he thought about Stillwater. Hope you guys enjoy.

1. Crazy how nice the people are, coming up to my group all day asking how we liked Stillwater, how our drive was, where we were staying. And it’s such a small town. The guy who was selling cheese fries at the Eskimo Joe’s tent before the game remembered me several hours later at a bar. Such great hospitality.

2. Old School Bagel has the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had, though I was sad to learn there was one in Norman. Boo.

3. The Strip was a pleasant surprise, though the whole “can’t go in until somebody goes out” rule is silly. I get why it’s in place and that there’s really nothing the bouncers can do about it, but it’s a drag standing in line for 15 minutes to get into a bar. And no yellow cabs?

4. Speaking of the Strip, how good is the limee at the Copper Penny? Wow.

5. Probably wouldn’t do Shortcakes again.

6. The tailgate scene is as good or better than UT’s. Eskimo Joe’s seems to have a monopoly in the area, so if you can’t get in it’s tough to find another sit-down, sports bar place, but the beer was cheap ($2 ?!?) and just about every inch of asphalt and grass near the stadium was covered with tents, TVs, grills, cornhole, kegs, lawn chairs.

7. No, I could not get a table inside Eskimo Joe’s.

8. That was the second best football atomsphere I’ve experienced, right behind the 2008 Texas-Oklahoma game at the Cotton Bowl. Texas needs fans like yours. And you guys have a horse? What?

9. Lots of fun to drive in Stilly. Minimal traffic, big, open roads. Got lost Saturday morning and wasn’t upset about it one bit.

10. Stillwater >>>>>> Norman. I’m coming back in 2014.

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