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10 Thoughts On New Mexico




1. “This team is not bereft of talent.” -Doug Gottlieb ……aaaaand that’s pretty much where we’re at right now, correct? Everybody is frustrated because we can see it, but it doesn’t last long and it comes in spurts and nobody can even seem to capture what it is. It seems like all they do is take 2 steps forward (Missouri State and Pitt) and 1 huge step back (New Mexico).

2. OSU was outscored 21-5 to end the first half and 14-3 to end the second half. You didn’t even need to watch the game, you can just look at that stat afterward and you pretty much know all you need to know.

3. It’s also probably not good when you hold your opponent to under 35% from the field and under 30% from three-point range…and get beat by double digits.

4. How bad is OSU’s mid-range jumper situation? Is it better or worse than its point guard situation? Seriously, who do you trust with your life from 12 feet outside of Keiton? I have no answer for you. I would invariably pick the wrong person and lose my life.

5. Speaking of the point guard situation, I don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s gotten to the point that you start wondering things like “hmm, maybe they’d better off going Keiton, Nash, Markel, JPO, and Jurick” because those are the five best basketball players they have and just playing sans point guard.” For my money, you have to go with Reger, but 5 points, 2 assists, 2 turnovers, and 3 fouls isn’t going to get it done. If nobody can step up between now and when conference starts, this team might go 8-10 in the Big 12.

6. Funny tweet here from a loyal PFB reader:

7. On a positive note, I think Nash and JPO are starting to understand what a size and matchup advantage they have in the low post. There aren’t a lot of 3s (or maybe even 4s) in the country that can body either of them up.

8. If I had a dollar for every time OSU threw the ball away at the top of the key I could come close to quitting my job and running this site full-time.

9. Apparently I’m not the only one getting tired of Cezar’s theatrics. He played all of about 6 minutes against New Mexico. A 4 minutes that included possibly the worse shot I’ve seen in Oklahoma State history. When your shot selection makes Doug Gottlieb giggle…I mean, that says something, right?

10. Pretty interesting tweet here from a former player:

Next game: Wednesday against Alabama

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