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10 Thoughts On Virginia Tech




1. OSU worked so hard on the offensive boards today. Nash, JPO, Cobbins, everybody was crashing hard, I think that’s something that’s been missing since McFarlin left in the last few years from these guys. I hope they can keep it up.

2. The fact that OSU has been playing such great defense in the last few weeks (35% | 46% | 36% | 41% in the last four games) has been lost because of how bad the offense has been and/or the fact that 66% of the scholarship point guards have left.

3. I would absolutely wager on “Philip Jurick will not score field goals on consecutive possessions” the rest of the season. Copious amounts of money.

4. This is something I 100% agree with:

5. Cobbins makes OSU’s offense better because he’s so active in setting screens, getting boards, and making passes. He’s very Fred Jonzen-like in that area, and built like him to boot. Not everything he does will show up in a box score, but OSU is definitely better as a team on offense when he’s out there.

6. My favorite moment of the entire game was the dude in the Spurs #25 jersey tee going bonkers after Brian Williams’ dunk in the second half.

7. I know OSU isn’t that good and I know Virginia Tech isn’t that good but when Nash hit the layup with 3:20 left to cut it to three and raised his arms to get GIA into it and they responded…well…I got chills. That’s GIA for you though.

8. How about the rebounding margin from Virginia Tech today at 42-24? You aren’t going to win many games like that.

9. Losing that 37-game home non-conference winning streak stings, but at least it wasn’t against UTSA?

10. I’m writing this bullet with 10 minutes left in the second half with OSU up by 3 to say the following: no matter how this game turns out, THIS is the OSU team I want to see the rest of the year. They had energy, they ran the fast break, they pulled open threes, they took chances on defense, and they let the crowd get into it. Shades of the old days, hope they don’t, maybe having fewer guys on the team is going to end up helping them out.

Also, I know having free admission helped, but you should absolutely be able to fill it during conference games as full as it was today.

Next game: Texas Tech at home on Wednesday

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