2012 PFB Picks

Written by Kyle Porter

Here are our serious and not-so-serious picks for the 2012 college football season.

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  • I have a new found love for Carson…

  • I like Shiner, but on a hot day for tailgating I’d prefer Blue Moon or Corona.

    For top Big 12 coach, that’s tough. In previous years, I’d say Stoops, but I like how Dana thinks outside the box. Assuming a head coach. If I could have anyone else, I’d have Monk.

  • Arin5000

    Matt Millen sucks. I’d rather listen to Reid Gettys do color for Landry Jones’ wedding.

    • Jordan

      Love the Tebow selection by Amilian…

  • Lance Smith

    Really? BWO for uni combo? That is juuuust a tad bit strange because all I can think of when I see that uniform is LOSING TO IOWA STATE. But hey, whatever works for you guys.

  • What won you over Rwhetsell62?