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Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

What am I supposed to write to entertain you or make you feel better or make you laugh or get you excited?

That’s what I do on this blog, you know. I try to entertain. I inform you and give you videos and maybe say something funny ever other post or so. I try to affirm to you that, yes, OSU’s defense really is better than people give it credit for and I empty my not-very-deep bag of adjectives to describe Brandon Weeden’s arm.

I do it because I love to write and I’ve grown to love you guys (and girls) who read this blog and, honestly, it’s just a lot of fun.

Today was pretty much the opposite of fun though and my words tank is pretty much on E.

Like so many people have tweeted tonight, the loss to Iowa State pales in comparison to the loss we experienced this morning. I think we all know that and yet one doesn’t make the other easier to swallow.

24 hours ago we were texting about the title game and talking about how much fun it is to be a Cowboy (Cowgirl) right now. Fast-forward to this moment and all of a sudden we’re the most broken fan base in the country.

The football program will move forward, for sure. There will be more 10-win seasons and maybe a Big 12 title or two in their future. I’m not sure if anything like this perfect storm will take place again, but they will be fine.

It stings though. It stings to wake up to 9 texts from your best friends about the death of someone you used to know and played basketball for. And it stings to look to a game played by your school’s football team to try and alleviate some of that sorrow, only to get your heart ripped out one more time.

Squinky didn’t wait for Bedlam.

And I’m sure Thayer is crafting the sequel to his piece earlier this year.

That’s all right too. Because I don’t love Oklahoma State for what its football team gives me or doesn’t give me.

I love Oklahoma State because I saw an entire community of fans and people galvanized by one of the utmost tragedies in our school’s long history of tragic events.

It is not this game that brings us together, but our love for one another, bound my some silly union that has to do with sporting events and uniforms and daggers and overtimes.

So go to bed tonight. Wake up tomorrow. It will be better (how could it be worse?). And we will still be Oklahoma State on that day and for every other.

Squinky may have got us.

But we’ve got each other.

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