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5 Halftime Thoughts On SMU



1. Matt Doherty coaches SMU??? How did I not know this? SMU is a haven for washed up coaches trying to reignite their careers. Oh, and the backdoor offense they run is one of my favorite things in sports.

2. Keiton at the point is not the answer, I’m sorry, I love him, but he’s just not. And at this point I don’t even think he’s a stopgap.

3. You know what OSU misses from Byron Eaton (and I did not like Byron Eaton)? His ability to get to the rim. It opened up opportunities for Keiton, James, and Obi to shoot and he could finish really strong. I don’t know who on this team can do that at the point guard position, but whoever it is (and it ain’t Keiton), that’s who should play point.

4. On that same note – for having as many athletes as it does, this team cannot penetrate at all. I mean at all. It’s like there’s a faux concrete wall at the free throw line and if you have possession of the basketball you can’t go past it. One more reason they should be running and pressing.

5. Over/under on 100 Jurick FG attempts on the year? He has 18 through 11 games. He also has 27 blocks and 23 points according to Anthony Slater.

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