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5 Halftime Thoughts On Stanford



1. Ummm, maybe get a body on Josh Owens and his 17 points on 8-8 shooting?

2. I wrote yesterday that Markel couldn’t be “the guy” for this team because he wasn’t ready. He made me look kind of silly in the first half with 7 points, 3 steals, 2 boards, and a block, but I still agree with Anthony Slater that you can’t have a guy like him be your go-to player. Mostly because he’s not primarily a scorer like Nash is supposed to be. I agree with @johnwsnyder on his Tony Allen comp for Markel. I think that’s pretty accurate.

3. Speaking of Nash, what’s the deal? He looks tentative and a little bit lost. It’s not really a complex offense (get up and run!) but he hasn’t shown me that he’s adapting thus far.

4. Jurick is worse than I thought on offense and better than I thought on defense. And both of those are saying something.

5. It really hurts OSU that they don’t really have an inside scorer of note. If you’re going to run and be in transition all the time, that’s fine, but in a halfcourt offense it really limits what you can do.

Hoping for a better second half…

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