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5 Halftime Thoughts on Tech



1. LeBryan has an NBA mid-range J, he doesn’t always hit it but it always looks next level. So we got that going for us!

2. There’s no way Markel Brown isn’t leading the country in “sick dunks in the first minute of conference games.”

3. Keiton was 11 for his last 42 coming into this game and went 2 for 5 to make him 13 for 47 in his last 140 minutes. I’m not saying he’s a problem because teams love to sag on him with OSU’s poor inside scoring presence, but it’s worth noting.

4. Stephen Howard (color guy) said “teams are not afraid of Marek Soucek’s rim presence.” That, my friends, is the understatement of the season.

5. I actually can’t believe how enjoyable this game is considering these are the two worst teams in the Big 12. Tech is moving the ball, OSU is hitting shots, it looks like real D-1 college hoops, y’all!!

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