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5 Thoughts On Pitt



1. OSU is playing like 100x (maybe more) than they did two weeks ago in the same building against Standford or Virginia Tech. This looks like a legitimate game between two of the thirty or forty best teams in the country. I know OSU is probably going to get beat, but at least they’re playing like they belong.

2. Pittsburgh is shooting 50% | 57% | 75% (FG | 3s | FTs) – they can’t keep that up, can they?

3. Keiton is starting to perfect the Bruce Bowen memorial “kick one leg out every time he shoots a three and pray for calls” move. It’s the A.J. Pierzynski of basketball moves – annoying unless it’s benefitting your team.

4. I tweeted this, but since not all of you are on Twitter I’ll ask it again: there’s no way Cezar Guerrero doesn’t manscape, right?

5. Le’Bryan in the low post seems like it’s really opened up the offense for OSU. And I’m not sure if there’s a three in the Big 12 who can handle him adequately down there.

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