A Look at OSU’s and Virginia Tech’s Bowl History, Pokes Have Third-Best Record Ever

Written by Kyle Cox

Bowl games can represent a lot of different things based on the type of season they cap off and the send-off they provide to a senior class.

In the case of Oklahoma State’s 2017 postseason matchup, the Camping World Bowl provides a small consolation for a team that held playoff aspirations and serves as a subdued backdrop for a curtain call for probably the best senior class to make its home in Stillwater, America.

On the other side, you have Virginia Tech.

While one fan base is letting out an audible sigh after a disappointing season and another bout of wandering eyes from its head coach, the other is in Year 2 of the Justin Fuente era. One is looking for a 10th win in back-to-back seasons for the first time in seven years. The other has come to expect those and saw this season as its best chance at something more.

While it’s definitely not the bowl game we expected or hoped for, the matchup with a Virginia Tech is solid and there are worse places to spend New Year’s weekend than Orlando.

Let’s look at some of the pertinent numbers ahead of the first-time postseason matchup between the two schools.

Polls and Participation

The rankings for each team are pretty consistent across the board, with only the CFP committee thinking slightly less of OSU.

 Ranking CFP AP Poll Coaches Poll
Oklahoma State 19 17 17
Virginia Tech 22 22 22

The No. 17 Cowboys will play “host” to the No. 22-ranked Hokies in Orlando, just under 1,300 miles southeast of Stillwater and roughly 700 miles south of Blacksburg, Virginia.

Depending on how fired up Cowboy nation is for a December Disney World trip, you’d expect the Hokies to have a stronger show of support in the Sunshine State.

Bowl Records

The Cowboys and Hokies have gone to 27 and 30 bowls respectively, but the Cowboys have been considerably more successful in postseason play.

OSU’s all-time bowl record: 17-10 (.630)
Under Mike Gundy: 7-4 (.636)
OSU’s bowl record against ACC: 1-1 (Both against Florida State)

VT’s all-time bowl record: 13-17 (.433)
Under Justin Fuente: 1-0 (1.00)
VT’s bowl record against Big 12: 0-2 (including Nebraska in 1996)

Of teams that have played at least 25 bowl games, only USC and Ole Miss have a better bowl record than Oklahoma State.

Head-to-Head History

These two schools have performed the Hokie-Pokie just twice, back in 1971 and 1972. The Cowboys won 24-16 in Stillwater and the Hokies got revenge a year later 34-32 in Blacksburg.

Camping World Bowl history

This will be the Cowboys’ first appearance in the Camping World Bowl franchise. OSU played in the 1976 Tangerine Bowl, which was also briefly the name of the now Camping World Bowl, but those are separate bowls altogether. The Tangerine Bowl OSU appeared in is now the Citrus Bowl.

Virginia Tech has appeared once, defeating Rutgers 13-10 in overtime of the 2012 Russell Athletic Bowl, the bowl’s previous sponsor.

Oklahoma State bowl history
Season Bowl Location Opponent Result
1944-45 Cotton Bowl Dallas, Texas TCU 34-0 Win
1945-46 Sugar Bowl New Orleans, La. St. Mary’s 33-13 Win
1948-49 Delta Bowl Memphis, Tenn. William & Mary 0-20 Loss
1958-59 Bluegrass Bowl Louisville, Ky. Florida State 15-6 Win
1974-75 Fiesta Bowl Tempe, Ariz. Brigham Young 16-6 Win
1976-77 Tangerine Bowl Orlando, Fla. Brigham Young 49-21 Win
1981-82 Independence Bowl Shreveport, La. Texas A&M 33-16 Loss
1983-84 Bluebonnet Bowl Houston, Texas Baylor 24-14 Win
1984-85 Gator Bowl Jacksonville, Fla. South Carolina 21-14 Win
1985-86 Gator Bowl Jacksonville, Fla. Florida State 23-34 Loss
1987-88 Sun Bowl El Paso, Texas West Virginia 35-33 Win
1988-89 Holiday Bowl San Diego, Calif. Wyoming 62-14 Win
1997-98 Alamo Bowl San Antonio, Texas Purdue 20-33 Loss
2002-03 Houston Bowl Houston, Texas Southern Miss 33-23 Win
2003-04 Cotton Bowl Dallas, Texas Mississippi 28-31 Loss
2004-05 Alamo Bowl San Antonio, Texas Ohio State 7-33 Loss
2006-07 Independence Bowl Shreveport, La. Alabama 34-31 Win
2007-08 Insight Bowl Tempe, Ariz. Indiana 49-33 Win
2008-09 Holiday Bowl San Diego, Calif. Oregon 31-42 Loss
2009-10 Cotton Bowl Arlington, Texas Ole Miss 7-21 Loss
2010-11 Alamo Bowl San Antonio, Texas Arizona 36-10 Win
2011-12 Fiesta Bowl Glendale, Ariz. Stanford 41-38 Win
2012-13 Heart of Dallas Bowl Dallas, Texas Purdue 58-14 Win
2013-14 Cotton Bowl Arlington, Texas Missouri 31-41 Loss
2014-15 Cactus Bowl Tempe, Ariz. Washington 30-22 Win
2015-16 Sugar Bowl New Orleans, La. Ole Miss 20-48 Loss
2016-17 Alamo Bowl San Antonio, Texas Colorado 38-8 Win
  • Andy Deck

    I’ve attended six over the years (3-3 record). I suppose I should stay home and watch…

    • Alum in AZ

      I am 3-2. Not much better. (Gator L to FSU, Holiday W vs Wyoming, Fiesta W vs Stanford, Cactus W vs Washington, and Cotton L to Missouri.). I think my “watching” record is 8-6. Don’t remember watching the Bluebonnet Bowl, but I imagine I did. Make it 9-6.

      • Matt Belanger

        0-1 here (2015 sugar)

    • GeoPoke

      Only attended 2, gone 1-1 (Cotton v Mizzou, HoD Bowl v Purdue).

    • Sean Flanagan

      I’m 2-1. 1997 Alamo, 2007 Insight, and 2012 Heart of Dallas. My schedule just never seems to work out. I have never seen a fan base more excited than that 1997 Alamo Bowl. Nobody even cared that we lost. They were just glad to be back in a bowl game. The Heart of Dallas might have been the worst. We got passed over by several bowls for teams with worse records. We hammered Purdue and it still felt like a loss.

    • Bernice

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  • stepdaddy

    Thanks for publishing the all important bowl win stat! This will shut all the Gundy detractors up for good! Everybody knows that bowl wins are far more important than conference titles and playoff spots. Look at all those Goliaths that OSU beat! I wish OSU could go to the Camping or Heart of Texas bowl ever year. It helps our bowl win stats, which in turn helps with recruiting. Right?

  • Matt Belanger

    Any chance we can get a list of potential targets at DC and maybe OC

    • stepdaddy

      Be patient. When you have the Shippensberg, PA to Stillwater, Ok coaching pipeline like Gundy does, you don’t have to be in a hurry. I am sure he will find OSU a loyalist and bargain! Gundy twofer! Can’t wait.

      • Matt Belanger

        The exact same sarcastic comment loses its luster after the 20th time… or really after the 2nd for that matter. You’re neither clever nor funny at this point.

        • stepdaddy

          What makes you think I was intending to be funny or clever? I believe we have an established coaching pipeline to Shippensberg. It worked out unbelievably well for the offensive coordinator. Why should we not expect it to produce the same fruit when when we need a defensive coordinator?

          Seriously, if you think Gundy is actively looking to replace GS, then you are the one that is being funny.

  • JG

    Best bowl record because we’re always in garbage bowl games…nice try though. This season was still a massive disappointment and the coaches are on the line for that.

  • Erick

    I’ve attended 5 of their bowl games:
    Cotton vs Ole Miss (L)
    Heart of Dallas vs Purdue (W)
    Cotton vs Mizzou (L)
    Sugar vs Ole Miss (L)
    Alamo vs Colorado (W)

    If the game was in or near texas i would go. But Orlando at this time of year is a tall order for me.