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I can’t believe I’m writing a post with the word “Adidas” in it but because I referenced it when OSU played Kansas and again today when Bob Griffin signed his deal today, here’s my list of the five tightest things Adidas has ever done.

Note: The III in “RGIII” being made into Adidas stripes is really cool and very clever. Not a fan of Bob, but I like the move.

Also, making a “five tightest things Adidas has ever done” list is like making a “five best post moves Taj Gray has ever done” list. At the end of the day you’re still Adidas (Gray), you’re not that cool (can’t read), and you’ll never be Nike (Blake Griffin). So…yeah.

1. UCLA “C” – This might never be topped. Adidas changed the color of the “C” in UCLA to represent (with roman numerals) UCLA’s 100th national title. Seriously brilliant.

2. Putting your name next to this guy – Their list of flops is as long as it is notorious (Reggie Bush, CJ Spiller, T-Mac, Bassy Telfair, Antoine Walker, Agent Zero, Sergio Garcia, Andy Murray) but this man, this short and beautiful man makes up for all of those and then some.

3. Duncan, Dwight Howard, and Rose ain’t bad either.

4. The Kansas throwbacks – I loved them. Simple, understated, and gorgeous. Nike should take some notes for OSU’s next iteration.

5. That thing they did that one time for the Michigan-Notre Dame game – It’s sad that this is in the #5 slot.

Honorable mention (because this is an OSU blog) Anything they put out from this dude.

I’d run a list on Nike but you probably don’t have time to read 350 bullets.

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