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Anonymous NFL Scouts Torn on Mason Rudolph’s NFL Potential



NFL Draft Twitter has been all over the board about Mason Rudolph and his ceiling as a quarterback in the NFL.

Some scouts and prognosticators have dubbed him a lock to be a top-5 pick, while others — including anonymous scouts who weighed in on a poll for a story that run on Tuesday on Sports Illustrated — have been more bearish.

Almost every media outlet has tabbed Rudolph as a top-5 candidate to win the Heisman Trophy at this stage in the season. But as for his NFL upside? Well, let’s just say AFC and area scouts feel his production won’t translate to the next level.

“He’s O.K.,” said one AFC scouting director. “He’s playing in a great, quarterback-friendly offense. Probably has a top 10-caliber group of receivers. Gundy is a great coach and does an outstanding job with that offense. I’m not sold on him as a top guy . . . He’s a decent athlete. He’s tough and runs that offense well. But not sure the video game numbers he’s gonna put up this year will translate to the NFL.”

“He’s got good size,” was the positive an AFC personnel exec found before echoing the sentiment, “but his arm strength is lacking and he’s inconsistent with his accuracy.” [Sports Illustrated]

Another scout — an area scout (and, of course, anonymous) — went as far as to say that Rudolph might have to go several days before getting the call from an NFL team.

Added an area scout: “Not as good as the media wants everyone to believe; he’s a Day 3 guy. His accuracy isn’t as good as the numbers show—his receivers make a lot of tough catches for him. Arm strength is adequate, not tops. What’s the difference between him and Bryce Petty?” [Sports Illustrated]

Bryce Petty, huh? No kidding?

While it’s way too early to start projecting the NFL Draft order just three games into the season, I also think it’s way too early to dub Rudolph a system QB and Petty-look-alike. The guy’s been a starter and productive player for three-and-a-half years!

Rudolph might be in a productive system that gives him opportunities he might not have in a pro-style system, but to say he’ll be a Day 3 guy (rounds 4-7) seems a bit far-fetched. But it’s clear his NFL Draft stock will be a topic of debate for much of the season as the Cowboys march towards Big 12 title contention.

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