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Answering questions on the QBs

I’m starting to be more OK with the idea of No. 4 running the show this season.



Another thing I haven’t been doing enough of lately (in addition to polls) is answering Twitter and email questions.

It always seemed like an inefficient endeavor — to pour my time into answering one question for one person but because I’m a moron I never thought “hey, maybe there are other people who want these same questions answered, I could write a blog post on them..”

Then I read this book which suggested that very thing and decided to give it a whirl.

All that to say if you feel like sending me questions via Twitter or email there’s a decent chance they’ll end up on a quickie post here..

These are from longtime reader, Jamie Wilder:

After, Chelf’s success as an average thrower last year and pretty good runner, would you be comfortable with Walsh at the helm? Any chance the QB who starts FSU will start the game after that if he gets destroyed? Also, thoughts on Yurcich/Gundy/whoever playing Tyreek like Tavon?

I’m definitely comfortable with Walsh at the helm this year. I don’t think this is a great team like last year’s was and I don’t necessarily think there’s anybody better than him on the roster. Is he a stopgap for Mason Rudolph in 2015? Probably, but that’s fine.

I suppose I’d be OK with either of those two guys but the last thing we need is to run another freshman out there and create the sort of circus we did in 2012 when Wes Lunt’s arm transferred to Illinois.

I think Walsh will start most if not all of the season. But I’m also betting that “should Rudolph play and burn his redshirt?!” will be a prominent storyline at some point this year.

As for The Freek, I don’t see how he’s not on the Josh Stewart “we will get him the ball 15 times a game” plan. He doesn’t seem like a natural route-runner (though I’ve barely seen him play at all) which by default would mean he’s going to get the ball all over the field.

Lots of swing passes, I’m guessing. Just a hunch.

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