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Here Is What Barry J. Sanders Will Look Like In An OSU Uniform



Chris Knox is back at it. Working his magic with what will be an amazing combo for the upcoming year (side note: I can’t be the only person who keeps forgetting OSU has new threads, can I?)

Anyway, this is sweet, isn’t it?

“I believe the sky will be the limit in the way I perform. I have said before that anyone that tries to compare themselves to my father, it is hard to, it is very hard to,” Sanders told the Tulsa World when he decided to transfer.

“As much as I think that, I have some of his moves that doesn’t compare to what he was able to do over a long period of time. That is what made him so great. I hope to replicate that as much as I can but this is reality.”

Good on him for properly setting expectations. Although I admit it will be difficult to not think of his pops when he throws on those threads come September.

Robert Allen had a (sort of) update on BJS a few weeks ago when he finally got to Stillwater.

Barry J. Sanders looked good and talking to him casually beforehand, he is excited. Having just arrived about a week and a half ago, one of his observations was that the summer workload at OSU is harder than he was used to at Stanford. Sanders admit[ed] he will get in better shape as he dives into the OSU work program.

I’d hope so. OSU will need him.

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