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Best Big 12 Photo Ever?



I don’t know if anyone keeps a repository of all the best Big 12 photos of all time but I have to think this shoots straight to the top.

All I could think when I first saw it was “Ford is Mr. Orange!

Anyway, this thing deserves to be broken down NFL Live-style so let’s jump in.

-Casper Barnes looks quite sickly, just like the football program his colleague Mr. Brown (pun!) is currently navigating.

-Does Scott Drew have 18 yellow/gold ties or does he just buy a new one at the beginning of every season?

-Same for Ford.

-Bill Self has that look great QBs of bad teams have when they run out through the tunnel at the very end of the group before games. Like, “wow, these guys, seriously?”

-Good to see Huggy Bear already in Huggy Badger mode. The Hugs does. not. care. about dress code.

-The Mayor, despite his narcolepsy, is sharp, in every aspect.

-Chris Walker (middle, baldy, Tech) is counting the walk-ons in his head.

-Kelly Hines thinks Lon Kruger looks like Will Forte, you be the judge…


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