Big 12 conference was not a fan of Bedlam 2012

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

In December the Big 12 released a list of its top 12 games of the season.

Off the top of my head I would have said the following five games would have vied for the top five spots in some order and definitely would have been included on any reasonable list of the top 12 games of the season:


Well, here’s the Big 12’s list:

OU-KSU – good
Baylor-WVU – good
Iowa State-TCU – ok
OU-Texas – huh?
WVU-Tech – okkkk
Tech-TCU – forgot about this one, should have definitely been on the list
Texas-Kansas – I guess?
Kansas-Tech – ???
WVU-OSU – ???
KSU-Baylor – I guess, it wasn’t really a good game though, more of a blowout
OU-WVU – forgot about this one too, oversight on my part
TCU-Texas – was pretty good, probably top 12

That’s the list.

Wait…no OSU-Texas? NO BEDLAM?!

At the top of its post the Big 12 says this list includes games through November 24. The OSU-OU game was on November 24.

I’m confused.

  • I think this was more of a “We want this list to show you how many different teams played great games this year”. I could be mistaken, but all 10 members of the conference are represented at least once.

    • “the following 12 have been determined as the Best of the Best by select media members covering the Conference.”

    • Cowboy-KS


  • Aaron Snith

    I am surprised OSU got on the list one time. If you looked at the Big 12 website during the year it would seem that OSU was not well respected nor appreciated. And they after all failed to beat Baylor, OU, Kansas State and Texas during a rebuilding year. Plus they embarrassed the conference by losing in Arizona. Then they had the gall to will their bowl game when the stars were losing. GO POKES. We just have to get used to the fact that the writers and other schools in the Texas mafia and the little town south of OKC just don’t respect us. Its not going to change until we win at least two national titles in Football. When one Texas fan was bragging in a loud voice about being the team with the most national titles in the conference I corrected him and he responded that most of OSUs championships were in wrestling which was on a par with tiddly winks was not really a sport.

  • David

    This was probably done by the same people who seemingly forgot about Josh Stewart for the All-Conference team(s). Maybe WVU-OSU was the only OkSt game they watched this year?