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Big 12 conference was not a fan of Bedlam 2012



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

In December the Big 12 released a list of its top 12 games of the season.

Off the top of my head I would have said the following five games would have vied for the top five spots in some order and definitely would have been included on any reasonable list of the top 12 games of the season:


Well, here’s the Big 12’s list:

OU-KSU – good
Baylor-WVU – good
Iowa State-TCU – ok
OU-Texas – huh?
WVU-Tech – okkkk
Tech-TCU – forgot about this one, should have definitely been on the list
Texas-Kansas – I guess?
Kansas-Tech – ???
WVU-OSU – ???
KSU-Baylor – I guess, it wasn’t really a good game though, more of a blowout
OU-WVU – forgot about this one too, oversight on my part
TCU-Texas – was pretty good, probably top 12

That’s the list.

Wait…no OSU-Texas? NO BEDLAM?!

At the top of its post the Big 12 says this list includes games through November 24. The OSU-OU game was on November 24.

I’m confused.

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