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Big 12 Distributes $36.5 Million to Schools for 2017-18 School Year



What’s that I keep hearing everyone saying about the Big 12 having an unsustainable future? Not only is it seemingly sustainable into the next decade, but it’s kind of currently thriving. The latest representation we have of that is the nearly $36.5 million the conference dished out to its schools on Friday, not including third tier revenue.

This stems from the $371 million the conference generated over the last fiscal year.

The $36.5 million follows the $35 million the Big 12 handed out last year, the around $30 million it dished in 2016 and is an increase from the less than $25 million the conference handed out just three years ago.

I think it’s important to note that the Big 12 is pretty much always the first to report their most recent numbers. Most other conferences lag, which is why you see some extreme variance at times. But as Jake Trotter pointed out, other conferences (like the SEC and Pac-12) include third-tier numbers, and the Big 12 missed out on $40 million last year.

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