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Blog Poll Week 11



Photo Attribution: @eknielsen

Team I didn’t know what to do with: Texas

Team I can’t believe I have in the top 10: Houston

Team I moved up despite a loss: Kansas State

Team I want to have in the top 10: Clemson

Playoff matchup I’d kill to see: Arkansas and Stanford

Team I can’t believe isn’t in this poll: A&M

Team I can’t believe IS in this poll: Cincinnati

Team that’s going to be LEGIT next year: SC (if Barkley stays)

Team I don’t believe in: Virginia Tech

I considered leaving Bama at #2 because I don’t really think Stanford, OSU, or Boise is better than they are. Then I considered bumping OSU to #1 because I’m a homer I think they can outscore any other team in this poll. Then I thought about putting Stanford in the #1 spot and moving LSU to #3 because I can’t get over that 9-6 score.

I went chalk in the end though. LSU deserves to be #1. OSU and Stanford deserve to be 2a and 2b in some order (and since this is, in fact, an Oklahoma State blog, OSU then Stanford will be the order). And Boise gets screwed again. What would college football in November be without Boise getting screwed?!

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