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Blog Poll Week 12



I know, Casey, I know my top two is pretty boring, but the rest of the top ten is a complete mess!!

Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

Team I wouldn’t want to play: Oregon

Non-BCS team I wouldn’t want to play: Southern Miss

Playoff game I’d kill to see: OU vs. Georgia

Team I don’t know what to do with: Nebraska

Team that should be in the top ten: Wisconsin

Team that shouldn’t be in the top ten: Houston

Team I need to rank higher but can’t: Kansas State

Team I need to rank lower but can’t: Stanford

Don’t look  now: FSU

Just don’t look: Penn State

Big shakeup in the top ten with Boise and Stanford falling pretty hard on Saturday night. People are kind of discrediting this LSU Arkansas game but by the time we get there that could be LSU’s third (!) game with a top five team. When you have Jarrett Jefferson or Jordan Lee at QB, that’s not an easy task. And Arkansas has weapons. They’re being slept on, but they shouldn’t be. Also, Clemson should have never lost to Georgia Tech. They’re the best team in the ACC by far. It’s a shame we’ve lost so many unbeatens (and so many reasons to cry: “playoff!!”) to inferior opponents.

And yes, I’m aware of what the Oregon LSU and Alabama LSU scores were. Consider this though: Oregon’s strength is its time-sensitive, momentum-induced offensive firepower. It’s tough to get that going week 1 against the best D in the country. Flip that around, you don’t need to have momentum for your defense to look spectacular, that’s why LSU looked so dominant week 1 in Dallas. Play it again and you might have a different outcome.

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