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BlogPoll Week 7



Photo Attribution: KT King

Some mild changes at the top: OU looked like they were pretty much on LSU and Alabama’s level against Texas. They’re different from those two teams, for sure, but just as dangerous and just as viable a contender for the title.

I hate moving teams on by weeks down, and I love you Wisconsin, but you aren’t beating OU on a neutral field…not right now anyway. I finally slid Oklahoma State past Boise, partly because I don’t ever know what to do with Boise (who does?) but mostly because OSU could have scored 110 if they’d wanted to on Saturday (not really exaggerating either). The rest of the top 10 goes unchanged.

Made some modifications to 11-20, partly as a reaction to how teams played over the weekend and partly some adjustments that needed to be made based on strength of schedule, quality of wins, etc. Good for Illinois, Georgia Tech, A&M, and South Carolina. Bad for Houston, Texas, and Nebraska (seriously guys, Ohio State is terrible).

A lot of you are probably going to wonder about Florida only moving down two spots after getting whupped the last two weeks against Bama and LSU. My question to you: would any of the teams behind them (Baylor, Texas, Kansas State) have performed better?

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