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Charles Howell III Tells an Amazing Oklahoma State Golf Story



Charles Howell joined me and Carson for a fun podcast on Wednesday. We talked about Tiger Woods, life on the PGA Tour and what it was like to play golf for Mike Holder.

Howell ended our conversation with him telling an amazing story from his freshman year where he got a little too amped up to be a Cowboy. Howell said it was one of Holder’s famous early morning workouts, and Howell was completely decked out in OSU gear.

“I’m a freshman and I’m a bit anxious,” said Howell. “Coach Holder threatened us within an inch of our lives. You cannot wear colors from other schools and if your t-shirt has anything written on it, it has to say Oklahoma State or nothing at all.

“So I go to Chris’ University Spirit. My t-shirt says Oklahoma State. My gym shorts have an Oklahoma State logo. My socks have an Oklahoma State logo. I walk in there on day one and I’m ready to go … and I literally look like Pistol Pete.”

Imagining that is pretty funny, but what he said next killed me.

“Bo Van Pelt, who has become a great friend of mine, probably had a big night the night before. He’s over in the corner and doesn’t really want to be there. I’m front and center. Bo kinda looks over at me and says, “Charles.” “Yeah?” “Go Pokes, huh?”


You should go listen to him tell this story (20:26 mark) as well as the rest of the podcast.

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